A request to holistic advocates

Numerous readers write to me (some repeatedly) urging their own favorite holistic, dietary cure for the cancer in my body. They do not understand the situation. In addition to the metastasized pancreatic cancer in my abdomen that I have survived for almost three years, I have metastasized pancreatic cancer in the brain, and highly likely cancer in the spine. My oncologists say I will be dead in a few months. The treatment is meant to slow the advance of the disease and lessen the symptoms (which without the treatment would immediately become very grave), not to eliminate it. It’s way too late for dietary or emotional solutions. People urging holistic cures mean well, and I appreciate their concern, but they are indulging their own pet opinions rather than dealing with reality.

Some people have even told me I have cancer because I write about troubling subjects. Helpful, huh?

Yesterday I had the first half of a mammoth MRI session checking out the cervical and thoracic part of the spine. I was in the machine for … an hour and a half. Fortunately it was not the extremely narrow type of MRI machine where you can get panicked if you open your eyes and find yourself squeezed into this narrow hole, but a much wider one where I lay comfortably. But an hour and a half was an ordeal that wrung me out. Monday we are doing the lumbar part of the spine; fortunately that will last only 45 minutes. The purpose of the test is to see if I have gross cancer tumors in the spine / cerebro-spinal fluid and not just cancer cells. If yes, death will come even sooner.

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