Exterminationist anti-Semites

This past Sunday I pointed to Cesar Tort’s unintentionally amusing revision of an entry about me as a result of his conversion to anti-Semitism a couple of years ago. Reader Paul T. then went to Tort’s site and found how far Tort, who once briefly proposed a non-anti-Semitic white nationalism, has really gone. In a September 18 entry, Tort quotes at length, and with his full endorsement, the pro-Nazi Alex Linder, who says, inter alia:

“If you disagree with my political argument that jews should be exterminated, as it is the only way to solve the threat they have presented to the White race for over 2,000 years, then make that case directly rather than attempting to character-assassinate me.”

As Paul comments, “After an admission like that, surely character-assassination would be superfluous?”

Some readers may be offended that I even mention the existence of such people. However, they do exist, and we should know about it. Further, as I’ve shown, the views of Alex Linder are not fundamentally different from those of Kevin MacDonald, who is published by Peter Brimelow and Richard Spencer. The only real difference between Linder and MacDonald is that Linder explicitly touts his goal of removing all Jews from the earth, while in MacDonald’s case the same goal is implicit.

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