The New York Times reports:

… Mr. Cuomo did not offer specifics about the measures he might propose, but, while discussing assault weapons, he said: “Confiscation could be an option. Mandatory sale to the state could be an option. Permitting could be an option—keep your gun but permit it.”

It seems to me that liberals are heading into deeper water than they realize when they propose, not just a ban on the sale of certain kinds of rifles and cartridge magazines, but the confiscation of them. How did the American Revolution start? By the British authorities in Massachusetts sending out a troop of soldiers to confiscate arms held by the citizens. If the federal government tried to confiscate the many millions of assault rifles owned by private citizens in this country, America could turn into a continent-sized Ruby Ridge.

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Daniel F. writes:

You say that the Democrats may be heading into “deeper waters” than they realize in proposing confiscation of guns already legally owned. But it may not be so far-fetched to surmise that they would be willing to trigger widespread anti-government militancy among the gun-owning population. I get the impression that the Left would like nothing better than an excuse to start putting large numbers of their opponents in jail and to start treating anyone who opposes their agenda with suspicion. They might well calculate that resistance to gun confiscation would destroy what’s left of the Republican Party and any consequential opposition to the Democrats.

Well, perhaps I’m just being paranoid. Hope so. I myself have never owned a gun, but I am quite unsettled by the manicheanism, irrationality and hate that have taken hold among Democrats in recent years.

Incidentally, I briefly saw an interview of Gov. Christie about the issues raised by Newtown. He suggested that the mental health aspect of the problem was the social “stigma” against seeking psychotherapy. As if Lanza was not getting treatment because he was worried about being stigmatized. Ludicrous.

LA replies:

I think it’s becoming clear to people on the right that Christie is an ass, not in one way, but in multiple ways.

Daniel F. writes:

Not only is Christie an ass in multiple ways, he is so large, he seems to have multiple asses.

Please forgive the crude humor, but I couldn’t resist. ;-)

LA replies:

That’s definitely post-worthy. :-)

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