A liberal Christmas to all, and to all , a good night

In the letters section at WorldNetDaily, Carl Simpson found a letter that identifies the real meaning of Christmas:

Your time, Mr. Editor, would be better spent ironing a rug.

We know Mr. Bush’s faith; it is solid. You, as a conservative, should have been aware of that long ago.

Whatever he does, he is damned. It is time for your to get off the hate wagon and subscribe to the real meaning of Christmas—and that is, tolerance for all.

You, my friend, have none.

Charlotte Brokaw Thomas

Mr. Simpson comments:

Here we see the complete transfiguration of Christianity into leftism. The Christian holiday whose purpose is to celebrate the incarnation of God as man, through a miraculous birth through a virgin girl from the royal house of King David of Israel, is now transfigured into the season of “tolerance.” It couldn’t have been said better by the messiah from West Texas himself. Ugh!

Posted by Lawrence Auster at December 10, 2005 01:54 AM | Send

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