Teaching white children to behave like underclass blacks

Mark Jaws writes:

While some of the conservative pundits are talking about the Islamization of Europe, here in the States we are undergoing the Africanization of the white populace. Isn’t it bad enough we have the disgusting specter of white youth caught up in the rap craze (I banned it from my house with my first two kids, and will ban it again as my next wave of little Jaws kids come of age)? But now six year old white girls on cheerleading teams are taught to chant like some housing project whores! Talk of girls’ shaking their booties used to come exclusively from the black population, but alas no more. At least this white couple complained, but they should have never had their girl in cheerleading at such a young age to begin with.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 18, 2010 09:59 AM | Send

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