What Ryan should have said about Biden’s Big Smile


Mark Jaws writes:

You were right on the mark with your assessment of the GOP’s failure to confront the cause behind the Biden Smile:

[T]he Republicans lack the wit, the steel, and, most importantly, the non-liberal principles to identify this totalitarian-style manipulation for what it is and put the Democrats on the defensive over it. To challenge it, would be to challenge America’s ruler—liberalism—and that is what the Republicans will never do.

If you could do so, what would you have advised Ryan to say in reaction to that smarmy and arrogant liberal condescension we conservatives have all encountered when debating liberals?

LA replies:

I would have had him say something like this:

Vice President Biden by his shockingly rude behavior while I am speaking is revealing what Democrats really believe about Republicans. The Democrats pretend to believe in democracy and free speech and civil discourse, but what they really believe is that no position different from their own has any legitimacy or should be allowed in our political system. What they really believe is that Republicans are bigoted, racist, oppressive white men, faith-based crazies, ignorant people who are (as Barack Obama put it in 2008) bitterly clinging to the guns and Bibles out of fear of everyone different from themselves. They believe that nothing Republicans or conservatives say is based in reason and good faith, but rather is a front for racial and sexual bigotry and economic oppression, and therefore all conservatives, all those who dissent from left-liberalism, are illegitimate and should be silenced.

The Democrats push the most radical positions, positions that no one ever heard of before, such as the diktat that all women must have all their birth control expenses paid for by their employers, and then they say that anyone who opposes this crazy, tyrannical idea which no one heard of before is “anti-woman” and “waging a war against women.”

The Democrats say that people who want our nation’s laws enforced and illegal aliens kept out, do not have any legitimate reasons for that position, but simply want to hurt people who look different from themselves. Which means that all the concerns that the people in Arizona have stated about the lawlessness and crime and chaos resulting from mass illegal immigration are just cynical lies, a transparent cover for racial hatred.

The Democrats say that all the criticisms of the Administration for the disaster in Libya and the cover-up of that disaster—a disaster caused by the Administration’s refusal to recognize the existence of our jihadist enemies, because at bottom they sympathize with those jihadist enemies—are nothing but cynical partisan positioning by Romney and Ryan.

Do you see the pattern? The Democrats are a party of extreme radicalism, and they seek to delegitimize and silence any criticism of that radicalism by portraying it as bigotry or partisan lies.

The ultimate end of the Democrats’ belief system is a One Party State, in which all non-Democratic positions are prohibited.

And that is the belief system that Mr. Biden is expressing and appealing to by his disgraceful behavior of laughing and mugging as I am speaking.

- end of initial entry -

Mark Jaws writes:

I am a self-proclaimed, self-acclaimed liberalologist and I have been fighting the ubiquitous Biden Smile and Smirk as far back as 1978 when I started making a case against affirmative action during the discussion of the Bakke Case. Because my whole career as an intelligence officer has revolved around getting information to senior military officers in a “brilliant but brief” fashion, I have long honed the art of putting forth a variety of good 30-second “elevator speeches” in staking out conservative stances. But no matter how effectively I have marshaled facts and figures and packaged them, the confronted liberal will ALWAYS smile and smirk. When I ask, “You think it is funny that such and such is such and such?” the liberal will usually respond, “No, but I am just amused that you are so worked up about it.”

As a result of the liberal smile and smirk, I have decided to use the element of surprise as a force multiplier, by going in the attack mode. I call Democrats hypocrites on matters of race and give the reasons why. To a liberal, who thinks his whole raison d’ĂȘtre is to fight racism, I might as well put a stake through his heart. By attacking them, and not defending us, I throw liberals off their game. It works. For example, knowing that Biden was certainly going to mention the Romney 47 percent comment during the debate, Ryan should have called Biden a divisive racial demagogue for his explicit statement about “putting’ black folks (y’all) in chains.” It would have had an immediate and devastating effect on Biden, because Democrats are not used to being held accountable for what they say on matters of race.

But, alas, you are right, as always, Don Lorenzo. Republicans lack the guts and the mettle for such audacity. Salvation will come from the rank and file rabble.

Mark Jaws continues:

Wow! After sending you my email, I read yours. I am but a candle next to the sun of Don Lorenzo. That is one of your entries worth memorizing word for word.

LA replies:

Thank you. And thank you for pushing me to state what I thought Ryan should have said.

Your remarks about your experiences with the liberal smile and smirk are very interesting. I never thought about that before.

Steve R. writes:

Wonderful analysis. As per Mark Jaw’s last thought, I am committing this to memory.

Ed H. writes:

Ryan should also have said this:

And proof of where the left-liberal sympathies really lie, is the fact that the Administration knew that the killing of Ambassador Stevens was a professional terrorist hit planned for months and timed to occur on 9/11. Rather than acting on this information which would have reflected on their catastrophic Mideast policy, they chose to blame it on a lone American citizen, a Christian minister. This is the degenerate state of affairs we have been led to by left-liberalism. And this is why Joe Biden’s smile is so phony and rather than being funny humor only succeeds in giving us the creeps.

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