The socially disastrous imbalance between men and women under conditions of sexual liberation

Blogger MarkyMark quotes a fascinating comment by Mark P. at VFR in August 2009 about the imbalance between the sexes in the present non-marital environment—namely that women can date and sleep with men “higher” than themselves, but men can’t date and sleep with women “higher” than themselves—that makes “Game” necessary as a way for men to restore the balance. MarkyMark’s quotation of the entry ends with a dismissive comment by me about Game, that it is “about nothing more than getting the most and the best sex partners one can get while Titanic is sinking.” In the original entry, however, Mark P. comes back with a more favorable account of Game: “it’s more realistic to use game to acquire women that you would otherwise have gotten if you were living in the 1950s. A male 5 can use game to hold his own against a male 6 or 7 who is trying to get a female 5.”

My reason for posting this present entry is not that I have a renewed interest in Game, but simply that Mark P.’s analysis of the contemporary sex wars was so interesting. Here is the collection of VFR’s huge debate on Game from August-September 2009.

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