Incoherent liberals

Here, in a nutshell, is liberals’ problem. On one hand, they know, with all the passion coursing through their minds and bodies, that they don’t like conservatism, which they regard as irrational, uncivil, hateful, exclusionary, selfish, mean, and, in a word, anti-equality. On the other hand, liberals don’t believe in objective standards, because if objective standards exist, then some behaviors, people, and cultures are objectively better than other behaviors, people, and cultures, which would also be anti-equality. But since the liberals don’t believe in objective standards, on what basis do they condemn irrationalism, incivility, hatred, exclusionism, selfishness, and inequality? They can do so only on the basis of feelings, feelings which cannot be rationally justified. The absence of a rational basis for passionately held liberal positions gives birth to liberal irony and parodox, which appear to have been abundantly on display at the Jon Stewart rally yesterday in Washington, as Paul of Powerline, who was there, explains:

The signs were the tip-off to the incoherence of the enterprise—a rally to end the immoderate madness by labeling partisans (at least those on the opposite side of the spectrum) insane. Some signs heaped ridicule on conservatives, while others called for civility. Some were premised on the supposed intellectual superiority of its holder; others were intentionally stupid. Only a few spoke to substantive issues. Very, very few mentioned President Obama.

Here, in order, are the first few dozen signs I saw:

Death to the Extremists
Legalize It
Social Capitalism
Remember the Maine
Free Lohan Now
Refudiate and unload
Chill Baby Chill
I feel strongly both ways
I have a sign
Stop oppression for minorities in America now
Palin is grizzly (down there)
God hates these signs
The day of non-judgment is coming
I want my mommy
Tea-baggers, pay your taxes
The rent is higher than would be ideal
If you can read this sign thank taxes [the true spirit of statism, that]
Atheist (on a picture of Thomas Jefferson)
Canadians for not much
Hi Mom, I’m an atheist
Bacon, it’s our national candy
I like turtles
Adolph Hitler—that guy was a Nazi
Civility please
I’ve been hiding from tea baggers
Willful ignorance is a communicable disease
Please read a book
I’m tea-bagging for reason
What do we want? Brains
O-Bomb-a drama—mass murder is his game
Defend Obama—outlaw white supremacy
More reason; less volume please
Where’s the candy
We’re becoming a nation of whimpering slaves to fear
I believe in dinosaurs
Made in China (written on a U.S. map)
Dialog not diatribes

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