The new homosexual-friendly U.S. Air Force

Henry McCullough writes:

ABC News reports on the first U.S. Air Force Academy graduation after the “repeal” of “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell.” (I put both in quotes because both labels, although commonly used, are quite misleading.) As one would expect from a mainstream media source, ABC presents the whole homosexual-accepting atmosphere at the newly enlightened USAFA as Just Too Cool For Words, although it spills quite a few on the topic anyway.

The views expressed by USAFA cadets, dutifully accepting of this Great Leap Forward in societal evolution, are depressing but not surprising. These are people in their early twenties and have been brainwashed from birth into the equality-trumps-all cult. What is deeply depressing is how the Academy’s spokesman chooses to describe the new dispensation:

“Basically, it was just another day when DADT was repealed,” said Air Force Academy spokesman John Van Winkle. “No big changes, no real growing pains. Most of American society has become much more accepting of the LGBT community over the years since President Clinton made the forward-thinking choice in the early ’90s to go from a strict no-gay policy to DADT.” (Emphasis added) [LA replies: Notice how, by the term LGBT, the utter freakishness of “transgender” persons is conflated with “ordinary” homosexuals, so that, by becoming accepting of homosexuals, people are also understood as becoming accepting of people who have surgically changed their sex organs into that of the opposite sex. The Air Force considers this ordinary.]

Openly homosexualising (if that’s a verb) the officer corps of the U.S. Air Force is “just another day … no big changes” to the man who speaks for the institution that, above all, should be the guardian of the Air Force’s traditions. And note how this spokesman fawningly editorializes in his description of Clinton’s decision to inflict tolerated homosexuality on the U.S. armed forces in the first place.

The ABC story also states that the Academy’s dean of faculty, Gen. Dana Born, attended a dinner hosted by the Blue Alliance, described as group of USAFA graduates who are overt homosexuals. As I read that, I thought to myself: “Dana Born, hmm, want to bet this Academy leader is a woman?” Sure enough, Brig. Gen. Dana Born is indeed a woman, if not a four-star general as ABC implies, and herself an Academy graduate. What she is not, however, is a pilot, navigator, or anything else remotely aeronautical; indeed, her official Air Force bio offers no evidence that she has ever served in, or even near, an actual flying unit of any kind. From the bio, Born appears to have earned her star by being a psychologist and recruiter, with a bit of leftist polishing at Harvard’s Ed School (very bad omen for the Academy, that). Unless, of course, she earned that star primarily for being a woman. Silly me. Born got her star only 21 years after graduating from the Academy. That is a very fast track indeed, and to my mind speaks volumes about what the government today wants the Air Force to have in the way of leaders.

I can’t help wondering, hypothetically: Should an association of USAFA graduates who identify themselves as social conservatives or traditional Christians invite Dana to dine, would she accept their invitation? I think we know the answer.

I thank God I am no longer associated in any capacity (other than as reminiscer and occasional story-teller) with the U.S. Air Force, or any branch of the U.S. armed forces as they exist today. And I pray to God—not that America merits His solicitude—that the United States does not have to fight a war against a serious adversary while the armed forces are in the grips of this faux-equality driven, feminist, homosexualist madness.

To compound the agony of those cadets who are struggling to retain their sanity, the assembled corps of cadets, faculty and guests had to endure a commencement address from Barack Hussein Obama in which he told at least two whoppers, and implicitly insulted his predecessor—a break with presidential protocol:

“Around the world there is a new feeling about America,” he told cadets. “There is a new confidence in our leadership.

“Today I think we can say with pride that America is stronger and safer and more respected in the world,” Obama added.

Both statements are risible on their face, and the insult to GW Bush is patent. But we already know that one thing Barack Hussein Obama is not about is respecting the traditions either of the office he holds or the country he purports to lead.

It will take many years and much pain to recover from the social pathologies encapsulated in this story. But a critical first baby-step, even if it’s no more than that, is to remove BHO from the White House. I hope Mitt Romney, now that he is inevitably the Republican nominee, both understands the stakes and is up for the fight. It will be very dirty.

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May 26

James P. writes:

Mr. McCullough wrote about General Born:

“What she is not, however, is a pilot, navigator, or anything else remotely aeronautical; indeed, her official Air Force bio offers no evidence that she has ever served in, or even near, an actual flying unit of any kind.”

Looking at her ludicrous career, it is perfectly obvious that she would not be a general, let alone the Dean of the Faculty at the Academy, if she weren’t a woman.

Just look at all her “good bureaucrat” awards. She won the “Global War on Terrorism Service Medal.” Since 2001, she has served in Washington, D.C. and at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. She must have killed many, many terrorists in those hardship assignments! She also won the “Air Force Overseas Ribbon”—while serving as an exchange and liaison officer with the Australian Air Force in Melbourne, Australia (another hardship assignment!) and getting a Master of Arts degree in research psychology at taxpayer expense from the University of Melbourne.

Curtis Lemay must be spinning in his grave.

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