As I hoped, Ann Coulter is addressing immigration again

Mark P. writes:

Dennis Miller is interviewing Ann Coulter. She is talking about demographics and how we should’ve listened to Pat Buchanan and Peter Brimelow. She even mentioned Brimelow’s book “Alien Nation.”

LA replies:

But where was she? Did she ever promote Buchanan’s and Brimelow’s views of immigration during her almost 20 years as a nationally prominent columnist? No. In her entire career she has written a total of two columns on the subject of immigration, only one of them (published last summer, when she began to realize that demographics likely doomed the Republican party) touching on legal immigration. Since she, with her enormous visibility and influence, did NOTHING to promote the views of immigration restrictionists, why should she have expected other people to be influenced by those views?

Her entire career as a writer has been centered on the idea that all bad things come from liberals and all good things from conservatives. The idea that conservatives have been pushing bad things, namely mass legal Third-World immigration, was beyond the scope of her superficial, partisan view of the world.

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Mark P. writes:

Yeah, Coulter was useless. Talk radio and the rest need to hang it up. They lost the culture war and the demographic war by refusing to fight it.

LA replies:

Well, I just got a call from an acquaintance who told me that I need to hang it up, i.e., shut down VFR.

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