Another neoconservative—indirectly, via support for Wilders—comes out for ending Muslim immigration into the West

In a piece defending Geert Wilders from the conservatives who have attacked him as a “demagogue” and a “fascist,” Frank Gaffney writes:

Mr. Wilders also seeks an end to mass immigration from Islamic countries, expulsion of criminal immigrants and a halt to further construction of mosques. Clearly, in some quarters, these are seen as controversial proposals. But they reflect a harsh demographic reality: Failure to take such steps will inevitably condemn free societies like the Netherlands to submission at the hands of swelling numbers of Shariah-adherent Muslims.

This is the first time ever that Gaffney has indicated that Muslim immigration in and of itself is a mortal threat to the West and should be stopped. We see once again how a position that Islam-critical conservatives have been unwilling to take, and have avoided like the plague, they are willing to take when a prominent figure is its main standard bearer. One by one, Wilders is moving American conservatives away from the incoherent and futile stance on Islam in which they have long been stuck.

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LA writes:

For anyone who reads Gaffney’s article, Wilders did not, pace Gaffney, “give a speech in the House of Lords,” which makes it sound as though he spoke in the House of Lords chamber. As a guest of a member of the House of Lords, Wilders showed his film Fitna to an audience of lords in a meeting room in the Parliament building, then gave a speech elsewhere in the Parliament complex.

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