Krugman on Obama

Jim C. writes:

Paul Krugman has always criticized the stimulus bill and said it should have been much bigger, but I’ve never seen him openly criticize Barry before. His major zinger at Obama—and it’s deadly—is his correct analysis that Obama was always stressing process, when he should have been talking substance.

LA replies:

How can one accuse Obama of never talking substance, when the major initiative of his presidency, which he fought for relentlessly for a year, was the federal takeover of the health care industry, the biggest substantive change in America of any bill ever?

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Jim C. replies:

I think Krugman actually makes sense from time to time. And this “substantive change” was crappy policy, which will either be defunded or repealed. Obama made a huge mistake pursuing health care when the economy was what a real leader would have been attending to. Obama is finished. Not even a robust economic recovery will save him.

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