Weston on the official cover-up of Muslim gang rape of English females

Be sure to see British Freedom Party leader Paul Weston’s magnificent seven minute statement about the complicity of British police and media in covering up the systematic Muslim gang rape of English girls over a period of many years (and he shows how the same has been happening in numerous other Western countries where the followers of Muhammad reside in large numbers). It is posted at Gates of Vienna, and is followed by a full transcript. There is so much in this statement that I would have to write something almost as long in order to praise it justly.

Weston ia a rare individual, a man with the insight, eloquence, and—most lacking in today’s Dead Britain—moral passion that are needed to oppose the monstrous things being done to the West by its constituted authorities. He says something that is absolutely shocking to hear from the mouth of a contemporary British political figure: that there is such a thing as good and evil, and that Britain’s ruling “liberal/left is evil.”

I’ve copied the transcript of Weston’s statement below. Some may bridle at his opening remark that he doesn’t blame the Muslims particularly for the gang-rapes, but the liberal/left. But I agree with him. As I have often said, the problem with Muslims is not that they are bad people, but that they are good Muslims. In waging war against non-Muslims, including the gang-rape of underaged non-Muslim girls, they are simply following the traditions of their religion. Therefore the solution is not to condemn individual Muslims for their immorality or punish them for their criminal acts; the solution—the only solution—is to remove Muslims from the West.

Muslim Rape, Liberal/Left Complicity by Paul Weston

The liberal/left need to take a long hard look themselves in the wake of the appalling Muslim gang rape revelations. I don’t blame the Muslims particularly, they are simply living by the 7th century rules of a desert warrior, but I do blame the liberal/left for quite literally enabling the brutal rape and violation of our children.

All you liberal/leftists are complicit in these crimes against humanity. You could have stopped it years ago, but you deliberately chose not to.

The BBC, The Guardian, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Child Protection Agency, the Politically Correct Police Service: I accuse you and the entire liberal establishment of deliberately covering up the multiple rapes and ruined lives of countless vulnerable young girls because of your utterly immoral and obscene attitude toward your own people, and your cowardly appeasement of a religious and political ideology that sanctions the violation of non-Muslim females.

Even now, when the facts are presented before us, you tell us it is not a Muslim problem, nor apparently a racial problem, unless of course you happen to be a vaguely all-encompassing Asian. But no amount of politically correct liberal/left evasion can disguise reality, and reality confirms the overwhelming culture of these paedophile rapists to be Islamic, and the overwhelming race of the majority of the victims to be indigenous British girls.

And this is not just a one-off case. It’s not only in Britain where this sort of thing happens, because the multiple gang rapes of indigenous girls by Muslims is replicated in every country where Muslims co-exist with non-Muslims:

  • There is a rape epidemic in Oslo. The vast majority of the perpetrators are Muslim, the vast majority of the victims are Norwegian Girls.

  • There is a rape epidemic in Malmo. The vast majority of the perpetrators are Muslim, the vast majority of the victims are Swedish girls.

  • There is a rape epidemic in Copenhagen. The vast majority of the perpetrators are Muslim, the vast majority of the victims are Danish girls.

  • There is a rape epidemic in Sydney. The vast majority of the perpetrators are Muslims, the vast majority of the victims are Australian girls.

I think we can safely say, then, that it is indeed a matter of one particular religion, Islam, rather than the liberal/left’s obscene portrayal of it as simply an Asian problem, and it is indeed a racial problem when the victims are overwhelmingly native Europeans.

Thirteen separate towns and cities have been identified in Britain where this has been happening, and it now turns out the authorities have known about it since the early 1990s. In other words hundreds, possibly thousands of vulnerable and under-age British girls have been raped and both physically and psychologically damaged for life, with at least two taking their own lives, because the liberal/left refuse to accept the reality of Islam.

What is worse, even when the whole disgusting issue is dragged into the limelight, they still refuse to recognise that Islam is a supremacist ideology. But Islam considers non-Muslims to be second class citizens, and Islam considers women to be second class citizens. Infidel females therefore can be raped with impunity in the House of War—a Koranic label for all parts of the world which are not ruled by Islam.

On BBC Radio 4 this morning John Humphrey’s suggested that by identifying the rapists as Pakistani Muslims rather than just Asians was to give ammunition to the right-wing. So the BBC continues to cover up the brutality of Muslim gang rape rather than the face the reality of the modern Britain produced by malignant and catastrophic left-wing ideology. By doing this the BBC—overwhelmingly a feminist organisation—is complicit in the rape of our children.

Years of indoctrination by the liberal left have produced policemen with no sense of their duty to protect the most vulnerable in society. Politically Correct police chiefs have no morals, no decency, no empathy. They are now driven by the fear of being labelled racist, apparently a far worse crime than racist gang paedophilia.

And the worse thing here is that I can guarantee not one policeman will lose his job, even after they admitted they wilfully ignored the ongoing abuse carried out on their watch in the interest of some sort of perverted community cohesion. The British police are now more than just a disgrace, they are a stain on the history of this country.

The left-wing Politically Correct indoctrination that has enabled these shameful events means one thing and one thing only: By deliberately ignoring crimes against humanity and subsequently seeking to disguise these crimes, the liberal/left have lost their very own humanity, along with their morals and their souls.

If they had any basic common decency they would be ashamed of themselves, but I don’t think they are. Despite facilitating genuine evil and wickedness their prime concern now is to hang on to their jobs and seek to halt the rise of what they term the “right wing”—you know, those nasty people labelled racist—when they drew attention to Muslim gang rape over a decade ago.

But they cannot stop us. We are rising only because the public are awakening to the results of all that the liberal left stand for. There is good and evil in this world and the liberal left is evil. Betraying your country via mass immigration and Multiculturalism is bad enough, but to betray, and to continue to betray your own children is simply a step beyond the comprehension of all decent people, and no amount of liberal/left propaganda and evasion can alter this one simple fact. For the first time in a very long time I feel deeply ashamed to be part of a country that you, the liberal left, have produced.

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Mark S. writes:

I shivered when I read this speech. I didn’t know there there were men still around who could speak like this, let alone THINK like this. The weenies at National Review couldn’t tie his shoelaces.

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