The lesson of the Ivory Coast: keep out Muslims!

Steven Plaut writing at FrontPage Magazine says that the crisis in the Ivory Coast is due to a huge influx of Muslim immigrants over the last two decades. He warns that this is a lesson to the West to avoid uncontrolled Muslim immigration.

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Greg W. writes:

To rehash the same cliché, diversity is strength! Therefore, the West will NOT heed the warning to keep Muslims out. The problem isn’t the Muslims in the mind of the infected liberal, it’s the whites who are not appreciative of diversity and are unwilling to accept the Muslim way of life. It’s whites who are the problem, so they must take sensitivity training classes to understand better why Muslims are they way they are.

If you confront a liberal in regards to people of non-Western cultures not assimilating, they respond with “it takes a few generations.” But liberals also tout multiculturalism because it makes us stronger. This is a contradiction; you cannot be in favor of people assimilating AND multiculturalism. If you prefer a multicultural nation, then you do NOT want people assimilating because everyone would be the same again, monocultural, but perhaps different skin colors. If you prefer assimilation, then you cannot want multiculturalism because you are asking different cultures to change. Of course, liberalism is inherently contradictory, so this is no surprise. In fact, liberals do not actually want multiculturalism, they just want the destruction of one particular culture.

Conservatives need to stop touting assimilation because by doing so they are actually promoting MORE immigration from non-Western peoples who will not assimilate. If conservatives want MORE immigrants into our country and want assimilation, why not ONLY allow Western peoples into the country? Then assimilation would not be necessary.

Oh yeah, I forgot the GOP are a pusillanimous bunch and would never call for such a policy. Calling for assimilation is the GOP’s code for “we’re not racist so bring in more 3rd worlders.”

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