Bush’s Iraq fallacy, part 99

The celebrated power of weblogs seems to be overestimated, at least in the case of VFR, as the repeated criticisms of President Bush written at this web site over the last year have had zero effect on his Iraq policy and rhetoric. Just today he said that things are “getting better” in Iraq because there will be an election in January 2005 and “freedom is on the march.” This is the same fallacy he has been reciting all along—that victory in the Iraq war consists of holding elections and creating a new government. But this is reversing the cart and the horse. For the upteenth time, Mr. President, we haven’t yet defeated the enemy. We’re not even close to defeating the enemy. We have no strategy in place to defeat the enemy. The enemy in fact is growing more powerful and audacious every week. In a rational world, we would first defeat the enemy so that he could no longer keep on mass murdering Iraqis and making any normal government in that poor country impossible; then we would help build a new government.

For this ideologically minded crew of Bush and his advisors, the building of a specious democracy has entirely replaced the supposed objective of the war on terror. It is as though we had imposed on Iraq the neoconservative version of hell, in which we treat ideas and propositions about universal democracy as more real than the actual reality of the ongoing mass murder of innocents.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at September 17, 2004 06:52 PM | Send

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