Kerry says something true about Iraq

While David Limbaugh makes valid points about Kerry’s bizarre candidacy, I disagree when he writes: “[Kerry] castigates President Bush—preposterously—for having no plan to win the peace in Iraq.” Au contraire, that’s the first true thing Kerry has said. Bush has no plan to win the peace in Iraq. As has been said over and over at this website, all Bush is doing is “staying the course,” which means keeping our troops in Iraq where they are being continually attacked and killed, but with no strategy to destroy and defeat the insurgent forces, and no ability to protect peaceful Iraqi civilians from being mass murdered—80 people one day, 47 the next—as they try to build the new government that we want them to build because we have defined “victory” in this war as the completion of such a government. Therefore we’ll have to stay there forever just to keep the new government from being outright destroyed, while Iraqis and Americans and other foreigners keep getting killed.

While Kerry is the worst candidate for president ever, the scandal is that so few establishment conservatives have acknowledged the terrible incoherency and insufficiency at the heart of Bush’s Iraq program.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at September 14, 2004 01:53 PM | Send

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