Christie takes self out

Christopher Christie is not running for president and will announce that decision at 1 p.m. today, reports the Washington Post.

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Alexis Zarkov writes:

As I expected and predicted, Christe won’t run. Here are the reasons I think why—in order of decreasing probability.

1. He has no national organization, and would be off to a late start.

2. He has undisclosed health problems. He’s just not fit enough for the rigors of two campaigns.

3. Being basically liberal, Christie does not want to run against and unseat the first black president.

Now I think attention will shift to Herman Cain who looks like a rising star. Cain seems like a high-IQ black man. He majored in mathematics as an undergraduate, and computer science in graduate school; both cognitively demanding majors. Let’s note he would have entered undergraduate school in 1963, well before affirmative action (AA). Black mathematics majors are extremely rare. So rare they are virtually non-existent. I can say this from personal experience. I have had a tremendous number of math courses (it was my graduate school major) in New York (17% black), and I can remember only two black students—both foreign students from Africa. Cain also worked as a mathematician for the U.S. Navy. Again before AA. Unlike Obama, he has a solid record of verifiable achievement after leaving school. His major problem is lack ever having held elective office. Although in the current environment, that might be an advantage. I would not be surprised if Cain won a string of primaries, or fell quickly from the scene. We shall see.

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