Another gem from the brainless woman who served for eight years as Bush’s brain

Carol Iannone writes:

This is from a WND article copied at Jihad Watch in April 2008:

This time, [Condoleezza] Rice was giving a free-ranging interview two weeks ago with the Washington Times when a reporter asked her about the wisdom of encouraging democracy in countries where radical Islamists could win elections, pointing as an example to Hamas, which won Palestinian elections two years ago.

Rice replied: “It’s, I would say, still a story-in-progress on Hamas, in particular, because I think there’s plenty of evidence now that one reason that Hamas went back to their bad old ways and took over the Gaza and overthrew the legitimate Palestinian Authority institutions is that actually they were failing at governance, and it’s easier to be a resistance movement than to be a governing movement.”

Can you make sense of that? How is Hamas a work in progress if they failed at governance and then overthrew the legitimate government in order to return to being a resistance movement, which they find easier than governancce? I would call that a narrative with a beginning, a middle, and an end, not a work in progress.

Miss Iannone’s points are well taken. In its second term, the Bush administration moved decisively in the direction of denying the existence of Muslim extremism, the very position for which conservatives now castigate Obama. We are thus reminded once again that the difference between Republicans and Democrats on the issue of Islamic extremism is one of degree, not of kind, and therefore that the current conservative attacks on the administration for its Mideast blunders are the height of hypocrisy.

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