The cosmically non-self-aware Geller complains about conservatives who “eat their own” and refuse to defend other conservatives, namely her

Pamela Geller writes at Atlas Shrugs:

Silence of the lambs

There are lessons that we can learn from the enemy. There is little admirable in the evil machinations of the left tactics but their defense of their people is one of them. When one of their own is under attack they hunker down, dig in their heels and defend to the death, no matter how egregious the act (think John Edwards, Barney Frank, Charles Rangel et al—a veritable rogues gallery.)

The right lacks this quality. We tend to eat our own and then wonder why we have no real leaders. The right allowed the jackals, the vultures to destroy Sarah Palin, even now we hear that she is unelectable (for 2012.) Why? She’s perfect. Palin is the most glaring example but she is but one in a long line. It has to stop. Would Tom Delay have resigned if he was a Democrat? Would Jack Ryan have pulled out of the US Senate race (against Obama, no less) if he had been a Democrat? The list is too long. The right has to man up.

Robert Spencer published this piece at Front Page magazine. He has been a staunch defender of me and my work, a rare and wonderful quality. Thanks Robert.

For the record, from the perch of this obscure blog I have, notwithstanding my criticisms of Geller, repeatedly defended her from the insane lies the left has told about her. But—for the record—would she do the same for others? No. Consider again how she threw under the bus an entire anti Ground Zero mosque rally and all its speakers, the instant that some leftist blogger called that rally racist and incorrectly stated that it was a Geller-organized event. Yet now this supposed lamb complains that others are not coming to her defense.

Polythene Pam is one hundred percent self-love, zero percent self-awareness.

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