Mangan says that I do not belong in the United States

Can there be any doubt whatsoever where Auster’s loyalties lie? Yes, I know that questioning loyalties is, by decree of Auster himself, anti-Semitic, but in this case he makes his loyalties crystal clear: Israel is to be favored over the U.S.

He really ought to just get it over with and make aliyah.

Dennis Mangan, June 18, 2010

Patrick H. writes:

A Mangan commenter paraphrases my comment at VFR in order to get back at you. He has a great Irish name: Pearse O’Reilly. I’m ashamed for my people.

I took a look at the previous attack post by Mangan. No one responded to my point that in telling you to do aliyah, Mangan dropped the mask and revealed his view of you as a Jew whose true loyalty is to Israel. Mangan did sort of respond to me in general—and with anger—but avoided any mention of the aliyah thing. This is ugly stuff. I regret having informed you of his attacks, not because I think you’ve been wounded by them, but because it has exposed just how anti-Semitic Mangan’s site is becoming. He’s got people like Tanstaafl backing him. He really needs to look at the company he keeps.

What is it about anti-Semitism? It’s like this black hole that draws people into it with this inexorable force if they so much as wander anywhere near it. They start out asking a legitimate question: is the alliance with Israel in America’s interest? Next thing you know, they’re admiring Hamas and calling Israel a fascist apartheid state and blah-blah-blah. I don’t know. There just seems to be something wrong with the human brain somewhere.

Oh, and Mangan is really, really mad. He actually burped up the cliché that you’d “gone off [your] meds.” Crikey, that is just so teenage of him. Next thing you know he’ll be calling you “gay” or “lame” or something. Some commenters told him to drop it, and he should. But your criticisms of Alt Right really got to him, and he can’t let this go.

Still, maybe you should let it go. You’re clearly the bigger man here. Walk away from that deteriorating soul and his deteriorating site. I used to admire Mangan. I’ll try to think of his better days. And maybe even pray for him. He needs prayer.

How depressing.

LA replies:

As I’ve said before, anti-Semitism is a rathole, and once people descend into it, they become, at least politically and intellectually, lost to anything useful in this world.

LA to Patrick H. (12:01 a.m. June 22):

A half hour ago I prepared your comment for posting tomorrow.

But just this moment, 11:45 p.m., the significance of what Mangan said about me, and of your comment about what he said, hit me for the first time. Mangan said that I don’t belong in the United States, because I’m a Jew who is more loyal to Israel than America.

Patrick H. replies:

It’s that kind of incongruence that reveals what’s happening in Mangan. It’s as if he can’t accept what the statements he makes about you reveal about him .

- end of initial entry -

Tovi A. writes:

It’s dawned on me that Dennis Mangan has revealed an inconsistency in his thinking. He becomes furious when somebody attacks his AltRight/paleocon milieu, even if he wasn’t directly mentioned. And yet, when somebody accuses him of anti-Semitism for tolerating (cultivating?) hordes of anti-Semitic commenters on his own personal blog, he feigns innocence.

LA replies:

In a way, I feel responsible for bringing about the moral and intellectual ruin of Dennis Mangan, since he has made many (or most) of his moves into darkness directly in reaction against me and my criticisms of his positions and of paleocon positions generally. It wasn’t my intention that this should happen, but I seem have a knack for bringing out the worst in (some) people.

Among other things, Mangan now has to live with the fact that he is on record stating that the author of The Path to National Suicide does not belong in the United States.

Gintas writes:

Mangan is to be envied. He has Cornelius Troost, affectionately known in HBD circles as “Darwin’s Piranha”, as a loyal reader! All you have is the Vile Sycophancy.

His posts about you generate the most smoke and noise, the comments roll in. I’d just start ignoring him completely, act like he doesn’t exist.

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