Third World criminal chaos on our southern border—the police captain investigating the Hartley case has been decapitated

Scott C. writes:

The police commander who was investigating the Hartley murder has been decapitated.

While repetitive, this story from the Christian Science Monitor confirms the above and includes the Texas DPS warning about traveling to Mexico. The printed newspaper includes a map showing the site of the attack, which does not appear online. Apparently the Hartleys went far into Mexican waters to take photographs of ruins in Old Guerrero and were attacked on their return near Rio Salado. [LA replies: Last week I saw a map showing that the “no fear” Hartleys had gone as far into the Mexican side of the lake, to the end of a deep inlet on that side of the lake, as anyone could go.]

Also, there was a witness who saw Tiffany being chased by three boats, which lends credibility to her story. He has been interviewed by local authorities.

In addition, a student from UT Brownsville-Texas Southmost College was killed last week in a bus hijacking while traveling to visit family in Mexico. The University of Texas system suspended travel to Mexico for research, meetings and conventions months ago. But this freshman wasn’t on a university-related trip, just a kid going to see relatives.

The situation on the border is out of control. There was a bomb threat at a Mission high school yesterday. And a carjacking ring was arrested recently. They prefer to steal cars with people in them because cars with keys are more valuable in Mexico.

People who don’t live down here have no idea how dangerous the region has become. But these links should give you a clue.

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Sophia A. writes:

Arizona’s brave governor, Janice Brewer, got her head handed to her for misspeaking about decapitations in the Arizona desert. (Sorry.) There was one headless body found in the Arizona desert, and it likely wasn’t decapitated by humans.

Her opposition pounced on her with glee. Well, that’s politics. She did misspeak.

But a week is a long time in politics, and given the latest developments, I wonder what people are thinking now.

Kathlene M. writes:

I have no doubt that the Mexican border chaos is getting worse, but the decapitation story only makes Tiffany Young Hartley’s account of her husband’s murder more incredible. If Mexican drug gangs are ruthless enough to decapitate an investigator and not hide it, why would David Hartley’s body be hidden and hard to find? And most importantly, if these gangs are so ruthless as to kill David Hartley in cold blood and decapitate an investigator, how was Tiffany able to escape unharmed by such ruthless killers who were within several feet of her, according to some of her varying accounts? In one account she says she told the killers, “Please no don’t hurt me” and the killers remarkably left her alone. Her story defies belief. The investigator’s murder only adds to growing doubts about the story.

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