Why VFR’s recent focus on blacks?

This site’s heavy emphasis on black-related issues over the last several months, perhaps at the expense of other issues, is not the result of any desire or plan on my part, nor is it the result of some personal obsession; in my daily life and interactions, I think very little about race. It’s just what keeps coming up in the writing of this blog. But why does it keep coming up? Part of the reason is explained in the October 2011 entry, “Why the truth about black dysfunction is so important.” Another part of the reason is that the sacralization of blacks in our culture is both the opposite of what blacks deserve, and the principal expression of white Americans’ will to national and racial suicide. If that suicidal process is ever to be stopped and reversed, whites must, among other things, liberate themselves from their present sick worship of blacks.

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Ben M. writes:

“Another part of the reason is that the sacralization of blacks in our culture is … the opposite of what blacks deserve…”

That’s one of the reasons I ordered the book Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal - America’s Racial Obsession, by Erik Rush. He writes at WND and was the first to expose Obama’s membership in Jeremiah Wright’s church.

August 6

Jim Kalb writes:

It’s an interesting situation. The official story in America is that we’ve made miraculous progress in becoming a wonderful unity of diverse whatevers, and black people are central symbolic figures in that story. I think you’re right that the myth has to be debunked, because it’s obviously false and covers up some very destructive policies and trends. I suppose Charles Murray is taking a less confrontational approach and debunking the myth of ever more wonderful national unity through ever greater liberation by looking at what’s happened to white people, and putting more emphasis on “This is a catastrophe for them,” than, “Look at how horrible they’ve become.”

LA replies:

Who does your last “they” refer to?

Jim Kalb replies:

I mean those under discussion whose lives have been degraded by liberation (combined, of course, with whatever weaknesses they started with). In the case of Murray’s book, that would be working class whites.

August 9

Paul Henri writes:

I agree it is helpful to expose what most of us are not exposed to by the liberal/conservative Media. It keeps it on our minds so that we can make better decisions about what to do.

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