Modern liberalism aims at the end of majority rule

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How liberalism leads to the end of democracy

What liberals really think of democracy … they think it’s icky [On Washington Post reporter Dan Balz’s anxiety that in October 2007—ten months before the 2008 Democratic National Convention—the Democratic presidential race wasn’t yet settled.]

Tolerance über alles and the death of British civilization [Liberalism believes only in the self (not in life), and in the equality of all selves, Therefore there can be no majority rule as that would mean rule by some selves over others.

How the modern liberal paradigm of the total equality of all selves evolved [Excerpt from previous entry. I disagree with the idea that Nietzsche—along with the postmodernism which stems from Nietzsche—is the main source of modern liberalism. As I see it, modern liberalism is a natural outgrowth of—liberalism.]

Without God, no consent of the governed [“As Mark D. said the other day, since equality among the wills is the only standard, the only rule for adjudicating a conflict between wills is that the majority of wills must be prevented from imposing its will on the minority, since such imposition would mean that some wills are superior to others.”]

The inequality hunters: a job that never ends [Times seeks end of Iowa caucus system because not all people can vote in it.]

The Times’ response to the passage of laws defining marriage as consisting of a man and a woman [NYT says: “the immediate impact of Tuesday’s rights-shredding exercise is to underscore the danger of allowing the ballot box to be used to take away people’s fundamental rights.”

The suit to overturn Proposition 8 reveals the true goal of liberalism—the overthrow of democracy [My critique of Kermit Roosevelt’s egregious article arguing for the overturning of Prop. 8. VFR readers then have exchanges with Roosevelt.]

What, according to liberalism, caused the Holocaust [“In today’s Europe, along with intolerance, self-government is now equated with Nazi-like evil.”]

North Carolina governor did not sound as though she was joking when she spoke of suspending elections [“The ultimate end of modern liberalism is the end of democracy. This is because democratic majority rule means that the majority has more power than the minority, a situation that violates equality. The only way to assure true equality is to have mankind ruled by an unelected elite that truly represents the equality of all and the good of all.”]

‘Transparency’ Revealed: The U.N. Sees Us, We Can’t See Them [Newsmax, July 20, 2001. “Under a regime of ‘transparency,’ the people of the world, meaning us, will be completely visible to the global gun examiners and gun controllers, while the gun controllers will remain invisible and unaccountable to us…. [T]he reason for this invisibility of power is that liberals, believing in equality, see power as an unequal and oppressive thing that must be eliminated. But the liberal state—or rather the global liberal state that is the ultimate goal of the U.N.—represents the equality and well-being of humanity itself. Therefore, it is not regarded as an actor exercising power. And therefore its true power remains unseen.”]

A real live meeting of “Occupy Washington” [October 2011. Video of the “Occupy Washington” protesters holding a “consensus-based” outdoor meeting in which they refuse to allow Rep. John Lewis address them because “no human being is better than any other.” Indicating that liberalism is not just hostile to majority rule, it is hostile to the very concept of the individual, since, if there are individuals, some individuals will naturally be more prominent and respected than others, which violates equality. Liberalism, which begins with the idea of individual rights, ends by canceling the idea of the individual, because individuals are inherently unequal.]

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