What a liberal democracy with 35 million blacks is—part of an ongoing series

Kathlene M. sends the below article from WND, writing: “This is related to your post on what a liberal country with a large black population becomes. A black mob in Detroit took over a store, claiming ‘We own this.’ Welcome to Obama’s America. Also, here is the Fox article with video that the WND article links.”

Black mob hijacks store: ‘We own this’

Cops respond 9 hours after clerk attacked, say ‘hire security’

Even the old-timers in Detroit never have seen anything like this: A mob of 40 black people moved into a convenience store and will not leave.

They say they now own it. They eat. Smoke. Cuss.Threaten. Spit. Rob. Sell drugs. All on video.

Police, ministers, neighbors, the store owner and just about everyone else seems powerless to stop them.

“It’s a Bad Crew gas station,” said one of the mob to the local Fox affiliate. “If you don’t know what that is, I can’t even tell you.”

The owner calls police, but nothing happens. The police “come here and then they leave. Two minutes later they (the mob) are back.”

Earlier this month, members of the Perfecting Church, one of Detroit’s largest black congregations, counseled the members of the mob to stop their evil ways.

Nothing changed. Which is not all that surprising: In June, the church’s pastor, Marvin Winans, lost a $15,000 Rolex, a Louis Vuitton wallet with $200 in it and his 2012 Infiniti QX56 SUV after he was carjacked by a mob of 10 black people at a similar convenience store nearby.

This is the same pastor who gave the eulogy for Whitney Houston. The attackers, Winans told the Detroit News, did not know who he was.

In June, another Detroit convenience store had the same problem: A black mob took over the store, told the owners they now own it, and started robbing and threatening.

The mob beat a clerk who tried to stop them.

“I am shocked he is still alive,” said the store owner. “They came into the gas station and said ‘we own this. This is our hood. This is our gas station. We are going to take whatever we want.’ It’s a war zone.”

After the robbery and beating on the video, the mob left. Several hours later, they returned, this time with a gun. Shots were fired. No one was hurt.

Nine hours later, police responded. In many cities, police no longer respond to complaints of shoplifting or “loitering” at neighborhood stores.

The mob won’t go away and the police won’t arrest them. But they did have some advice for what this business owner should do: “Hire a security guard.”

Violence and lawlessness have long been a hallmark of life in Detroit. So much so, it is now newsworthy when violence and lawlessness do not happen.

In August, hundreds of black people were involved in several disturbances at a high school football game. Several witnesses reported gun shots and panic both on and off the field.

The Detroit Free Press said anytime you have that many people milling around, “of course there was going to be an incident.”

Two weeks later, a sportscaster for the ABC affiliate found this newsworthy enough to write an entire story about it: One of the teams played another game, and there was no mass violence.

Paul K. writes:

From the article: ” A mob of 40 black people moved into a convenience store and will not leave. They say they now own it.”

Isn’t the mob merely following the logic of the president’s “You didn’t build that” line? The storeowner didn’t build his business and, as Obama said, he’s no smarter and doesn’t work harder than anyone else, so why should he be entitled to all that stuff? After all, the president has made it clear that he favors the redistribution of wealth.

Obama’s Boyz in action.

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