Fox: “NIH-Backed Study Examined Effects of Penis Size in Gay Community”

(Warning: the linked article contains graphic references to homosexuality of a type rarely or never seen in the mainstream media.)

Larry T. writes:

It is getting harder and harder for me to distinguish between real news and a hoax. Can our government really be funding such “research”? Is there some kind of contest to see who can come up with the most demented stuff? If the National Institute of Health is turned into a pinnacle of salt one of these days, I won’t be surprised.

LA replies:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like a hoax.

But I would say, in order to understand the true significance of what is happening here, forget for the moment the specifically homosexual aspect of this study. Forget about the way the study serves the agenda of normalizing homosexual acts and desensitizing the public to them—which of course it does do or seek to do. Instead, look at it this way.

What, according to the modern liberal understanding, is the purpose of government? It is to assure a good life style for the maximum number of people possible. The people who received the $899,769 grant that funded this and related studies were assured a very good life style. Therefore, according to the modern liberal understanding of the purpose of government, this study was very good.

There are probably comparatively few government-funded frivolous studies of homosexual practices. But there are thousands and thousands of government-funded frivolous studies and programs related to all kinds of subjects. So the larger significance of this study is not that it is about homosexual practices, but that it shows how the federal government will fund just about anything. For eighty years, the number of things the government spends money on has steadily increased, often with the acquiescence and support of Republicans. The $800 billion stimulus bill of 2009 was so extreme—in size, in the frivolousness of the things being funded, and in the threat it posed to the country’s fiscal future, that it finally shocked the Republicans out of their complacency. For the first time in generations we have a real chance to get control of the federal leviathan, which, if we don’t get control of it, as Sen. Graham said Monday night on Sean Hannity’s program, will inevitably turn us into Greece.

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