Malik Shabazz, one of the most intense black racists in America, visited the White House

The extremist black race-hater and leader of the New Black Panther Party, Malik Shabazz, visited the private residence at the White House in July 2009. The White House says that the visitor was the not same Malik Shabazz, but won’t say who this other Malik Shabazz was.

Andrew Breitbart is on the story.

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Daniel R. writes:

The idea that the chairman of the NBPP visited the White House is a lot of paranoid nonsense. Clearly, this was none other than professional wrestler K. Malik Shabazz (aka Ron Killings). No doubt Obama brought Shabazz in to coach him on his reverse clothesline sweep (becoming a great professional wrestler being Obama’s lesser known dream from his father). Shabazz wrestled with a team called “The New Panthers,” styled after the old Black Panther Party, which may have led to the confusion.

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