Whoopeedoo—twice as much kneejerk liberal Williams at Fox

In response to NPR’s firing of Juan Williams, Fox News has given him a new, $2 million contract involving twice the amount of airtime he already has on that station’s talking heads programming. C. Edmund Wright at American Thinker says this is a disastrous decision, because, as he shows, Williams is a mindless liberal whose presence on Fox is already a big drag.

It’s the same conservative mistake I’ve described a hundred times (also known at VFR as the Hegelian mambo): conservatives, thinking they are being clever and outflanking their liberal opponents, embrace anything that is one inch to the right of the dominant liberalism (in this case Williams being one inch to the right of NPR), and, as a result, the conservatives end up moving to the left themselves. Thus, an affair that started as an embarrassing defeat for liberalism at NPR, has turned into an advance for liberalism at Fox.

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Mick writes:

You wrote:

“an affair that started as an embarrassing defeat for liberalism at NPR, has turned into an advance for liberalism at Fox”

I have two words for you: William Kristol. Williams cannot advance liberalism farther than “Invade the World, Invite the World.” Kristol already has.

LA replies:

That’s a trivial and mediocre observation, that reduces all liberalism, and indeed all our problems, to neoconservatism. And where neocon-obsession lies, there is the end of useful thought.

I offer as an example PC Roberts’s statement, published by Peter Brimelow, that he would accept an invasion of the U.S. by 100 million Mexicans, if only it would mean the disappearance of the neocons.

And a further example of the same is Richard Spencer’s agreement with PC Roberts.

I presume Kristol opposes Obamacare, and Williams supports it. But according to you, Kristol already represents the absolute state of liberalism, than which there can be no greater. So according to your reasoning, a liberal who supports Obamacare is no more left than a neocon who opposes it. This is the kind of idiocy that results from classifying neoconservatism as the worst and most extreme form of liberalism.

Also, Steve Sailer and the people who go around repeating Sailer’s slogan, “Invade the world, invite the world,” somehow have failed to notice that no one has invaded the world, nor is anyone proposing invading the world. The U.S. invaded Afghanistan, which hosted the al Qaeda attack on America, and it invaded Iraq, because of the concerns over Iraq’s WMDs which were feared would be transferred to Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups. Those are the only two countries the U.S. has invaded. Two countries is not the world. They are not even the Muslim world. Yet Sailer and his followers keep repeating the phrase “Invade the world” as though it represented the neocons’ policy or U.S. policy. It would appear that Sailer doesn’t try very hard to follow his Orwell epigraph about attempting to see what’s in front of his nose; since he doesn’t even examine his own slogans, but just keeps repeating them.

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