A declaration of independence

Though Charles Johnson has been in an open state of war with conservatives for over a year, the other day he finally made it official, declaring, like the American Colonies after fourteen months of war with Great Britain, his complete separation from the conservative movement. The statement of separation took the form of a ten-point list of the crimes and monstrosities of which conservatives are guilty. However, as Terry Morris noticed, the bill of particulars lacked a proper introduction, and so he took the liberty of adding one. It begins like this:

When in the course of pathological events it becomes necessary for Charles Johnson to dissolve the weak bands which have vaguely connected him with conservatives, and to assume, in the spectrum of American politics, the station of undisguised left-liberal to which he is entitled, a complete disregard for the opinions of non-liberals requires that he impugn the character and motives of all who are currently called conservatives.

Here is the entire introduction.

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