Reclaiming our humanity

Laura W. in a recently posted comment brings out a key traditionalist insight—something so obvious it wouldn’t need to be said in a normal world, but liberalism has banished normal understandings. It is that our physical particularity is part of—or rather inseparable from—what we are, that their physical particularity is part of—inseparable from—what our loved ones are and what we love and appreciate about them and what makes us feel connected with them. We are not, as liberalism and neoconservatism tell us, a disembodied node of consciousness and desire, identical as a node of consciousness and desire to every other person on the planet. Our individuality is expressed through our bodies.

And it follows that if our being is expressed by our organic physicality on the individual level and the familial level, then our being is expressed by our organic physicality on the racial level as well. This is not to separate race from the multilayered totality of life and make an ideology of it, as liberals and modern conservatives fear we are doing. They in fact are the reductionists, not us. They are the ones who would reduce our multileveled being to a single level, that of our rights and our wishes, our bare individual selves. They are the ones who deny the true constitution of our being, and, in so doing, deny our very humanity.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at December 11, 2006 12:47 AM | Send

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