Having a good time on July 4th

President Reagan having Tammy Wynette sing “Stand by your Man” to him at the Daytona Speedway, July 4, 1984, followed by a little refreshment.



It seems to me that there have been an unusual number of articles about July 4th this year in the conservative Web. Which makes sense, given the rise of the tea party movement, and the renewal of concern about illegitimate government and the need to resist it. However, while July 4th is a day of fun, and while those cheerful photos of Ronald Reagan, the very symbol of American confidence, stirred me out of my own gloomy feelings, mere celebrations of the day frankly seem out of place to me at this time, because, if Obamacare is not repealed or otherwise stopped, the country of freedom and limited government founded on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution will have definitively come to an end. As I’ve said before, there is a grey area, growing steadily larger for the last hundred years, in which the Constitution has been increasingly broken in all kinds of ways, but there is enough of it remaining that we can say it still lives. But the governmental power over individuals established by Obamacare clearly lies beyond that grey area. It will be impossible for us to say that we are the country and people of the Declaration of Independence—and thus it will be impossible for us henceforth to celebrate July 4th—if Obamacare stands.

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Chuck Ross writes:

I find it amusing that you post a long story about the birth of Israel in 1947—two days before the anniversary of the birth of this very nation—all while neglecting to post anything about the birth of the U.S. (well, besides a cheesy ode to Ronald Reagan). More evidence that you’re merely an Israeli operative.

July 5

Doug H. writes:

So what if the guy calls you an Israeli operative. The way I understand it from my Christian perspective is that the Jews are God’s chosen people. I would fight on their side any day. Fighting on their side is fighting on God’s side. The only exception would be the liberal Jewish contingent.

Happy 4th

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