The road that will not be taken: a traditionalist, male-centric response to the Connecticut holocaust

Ed H. writes:

When I try to come up with an explanation for the sea change in America from 1960 to 2012, only one factor seems broad enough to account for the comprehensive shift in perspective: the feminization of everything.

To test this theory I will compare the liberal and the traditionalist responses to school shootings, and the effect they would have on a Newtown, Connecticut. What would be the liberal solution to this type of mass murder? The confiscation of guns, the abrogation of the Bill of Rights, more government surveillance, more armed guards, more taxes to pay for it, more terrified children going through daily attack drills filling their heads with apocalyptic scenarios, more nightmares, more counseling for more children, childhood destroyed. Cost: trillions of dollars. Benefits to society: less than zero.

Now let’s consider the traditionalist conservative solution: a husband, a strong man, in charge of the Lanza household. First, Nancy Lanza’s inborn hysteria and inability to cope is assuaged. Her poor grasp of reality is not played out in survivalist fantasies, The guns are reduced to the minimum for self-defence. The guns are put under lock and key. Most importantly, a hard masculine realistic eye is cast upon young Adam. The black holes of Adam’s eyes are stared into and nothing is returned. His strange behaviors, his grave dysfunctions, are not explained away as indicating a need for more understanding, but realistically assessed as evidence of serious mental illness. Dingbat female psychologists offering estrogen-drenched solutions are rejected. A realistic assessment of observed behavior is adamantly adhered to. A brain scan is insisted upon. Hard evidence of schizophrenia is detected. Young Adam is taken out of the control of his mother. He is institutionalized. The father comforts the mother and drives her to weekly visits at the local mental asylum, but refuses to allow Adam’s emotional games to get traction in Nancy’s mind. The gun collecting never happens. In Newtown, Connecticut, there are no corpse-strewn, blood-spattered elementary school classrooms. Twenty children grow up happy. Feminist activists are not placated but go on futile rampages laughed at by everyone until they exhaust themselves and agree to live their lives as first-rate women instead of fourth-rate, imitation men. Cost to society: negligible. Benefits: immense.

In the aftermath of the actual Newtown massacre, which course will Liberal America take? You know the answer. The missing element in the whole evil, feminist-caused mess is the strong male, once plentiful in our culture. Today we have to work with the likes of the feminized Mr. Lanza, a super-accountant, a terrific executive, but an abysmal man, as he revealed when he said, “We are all still looking for answers” in regards to the behavior of his wife and son. Any normal, complete man would have spent ten minutes in Nancy and Adam’s presence and grasped what was playing out, but liberalism has destroyed common sanity in both sexes.

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