NAACP responds to Webb

Alexis Zarkov writes:

“King Salim Khalfani” (head of the Virginia Conference of the NAACP, not to be confused with “King Samir Shabazz” of the New Black Panther Party) wrote Senator James Webb a borderline threatening letter posted at the site of a local NBC station and quoted in full by the Washington Post’s site. Khalfani is extremely upset with Webb’s Wall Street Journal article, “Diversity and The Myth of White Privilege.” He asks Webb, “Do you really believe that affirmative action has hurt white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants or are you pandering to the divisive, conservative, Tea Bagger types whose votes you will need in 2012?” We see that Khalfani doesn’t hesitate to use gutter language. He also demands an audience with Webb, writing, “Senator Webb, we need to meet to discuss your philosophy and other relevant issues like: bailouts for the rich and sellouts for taxpayers, … “

In my opinion Webb should put this in the crank letter file and ignore him.

LA replies:

The Post quoted the entire letter, including the obscene “tea bagger” reference.

“Khalfani” has been head of the Virginia NAACP for 12 years. Here is his self-description at his bio page:

“My greatest accomplishment is that I am by choice a revolutionary Afrikan Man. I am a Pan-Afrikanist. I am one who speaks truth to power unashamedly on behalf of Afrikan people. I have not cringed or cowered when faced with criticism, ostracism or bodily harm.”

Why should the NAACP even be recognized as a legitimate American organization when its officials do not see themselves as Americans?

Also, will Khalfani’s letter have any effect on the legions of brainless conservatives whose main argument against AA is that it hurts blacks? As I have pointed out many times, blacks’ own angry defenses of AA when it is challgned, Khalfani’s being the latest, show that blacks themselves don’t think AA hurts them, they think it helps them and is an unchallengeable right.

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N. writes:

Could it be that, thanks to the NAACP overreaching in its attack on the TEA party, and Sen. Webb standing up for poor white people, we are beginning to have that “national debate on race” all the liberals have been wishing for all these years?

LA replies:

And will the current USAG (United States Alien General) commend Webb for his courage in discussing race and not being a coward like the rest of us?

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