Another martyr to the search for bodily perfection

The Guardian reports:

Woman dies after buttock injection

US police are investigating the death of a woman, believed to be British, who had a silicone injection in her buttocks at a hotel in Philadelphia.

Detectives said the woman, named in reports as UK student Claudia Adusei, 20, and three companions travelled from London and were staying at the Hampton Inn near Philadelphia airport.

Detective Joseph Murray said a 20-year-old woman who had received a buttocks injection later complained of chest pains and difficulty breathing. Paramedics were called, and she was taken to Mercy Fitzgerald hospital where she died.

US news channel NBC named the dead woman as Adusei. Two of her group had previously travelled to Philadelphia in November to have their buttocks enlarged the report said, and on Monday, one received another buttocks injection; the other had a hip augmentation costing $1,800.

It is not known how much Adusei paid for the cosmetic procedure.

Police are seeking two people involved in the cosmetic procedures, which they believe were arranged over the internet.

“We’re not quite sure right now if the person performing that procedure is licensed,” Lieutenant John Walker said. “We’re still working on that information.” He said detectives were awaiting test results to determine the substance used in the procedure.

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Sophia A. writes:

What kind of an English name is Adusei? Upon reading it I immediately sensed that it was African. To be sure, I “Googled.” When a name is unusual, I look it up on Google. You can almost always find the ethnic origin that way. It appears to be Ghanaian.

Maybe she went for a butt job because a rounded “booty” is so popular amongst those of sub-Saharan ethnic origin. It’s true in America, and true in UK.

LA replies:

That’s too weird. Black woman already tend to have protruding behinds. But was she making it more protruding, or more round?

Sophia replies:

Perhaps evening them out? :)

P.S. Or perhaps she was that rare black woman who is “buttocks challenged”? I’ve seen that. Kind of like a flat-chested woman….

Sophia continues:

It appears that the unfortunate woman whom we know as Claudia Adusei is really named Claudia Aderotimi. Here are Google results for Aderotimi. She was “an aspiring hip hop star” and is likely of Nigerian extraction.

Whatever … she’s not British. We have a trifecta here:

1. cosmetic surgery gone mad (in some of the links you can see she has those silicone globs on her chest, which pass for breasts nowadays);

2. “aspiring hip-hop star”—no comment needed;

3. someone named Adusei or Aderotimi consistently referred to as British.

I suppose it can get sicker than this, but I don’t want to go there. I’d have to enact my thoughts with therapy and dolls.

LA replies:

Thanks for finding these articles. Among them is a full story about her at the Mail, which I will post in its entirey in a separate entry. But here is the headline and lead:

Tragic bottom implant girl thought having illegal injection would make her a hip hop star

* Dancer Claudia Aderotimi believed ‘bigger booty’ would make her famous

* She was dumped from music video for wearing bottom-padded trousers

* Police quiz woman who carried out the procedure

* Procedure used ‘industrial’ silicone and cost up to £2,000

* Surgeon fled hotel where Miss Aderotimi had op after she fell sick

The British student who died after jetting to America for an illegal ‘butt enhancement’ operation thought having a shapelier backside would make her a Hip Hop star.

Claudia Aderotimi, 20, believed a ‘bigger booty’ would help in her quest to appear in more music videos, her distraught friends have claimed.

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