What happens to white women when Africans are brought into their country

Ireland gave a Nigerian man, Kristoff Alauya, asylum in 2003, and he proceeded to carry out a series of rapes of Irish women, including the rape and murder of Belfast mother Grace Moore:

The young mum was stabbed, strangled and raped in her home by Alauya in the Belfast suburb of Suffolk in November 2006 after she invited him back after meeting him in a Belfast night spot.

The then 23-year-old sicko went on to have sex with her lifeless body as she lay, bloodsoaked, on the kitchen floor. He then stole items of property before coolly hailing a cab and making his way to a nearby all-night garage where he purchased a burger to eat.

The killer, who stands at over 6’5”, is wanted in connection with a series of rapes in the Republic. Despite getting a 22-year prison sentence, Alauya made jail boasts that he would be free soon.

So first Ireland invited a Negro savage into Ireland (a country which when I was there in 1994 had zero nonwhites); then, once he was there, an Irish woman invited him into her home, and ended up savagely murdered.

Yet no one ever recognizes the simple, irreducible, undeniable fact that when a white Western nation open its doors to black and other Third-World immigrants, it is consigning its own female population to rapes and murders that otherwise would not have occurred.

The reason this crime is in the news now is that Alauya got into a fight with a prison dog and had part of his penis bitten off. Note the article’s vengeful tone against him. Naturally it doesn’t occur to the reporter to blame Ireland itself for (1) having admitted this black savage (and many others) into the country of the most beautiful women on earth, and (2) telling its women that sex with black men is a good thing, making such crimes inevitable.

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