Allowing homosexuals in the military will be like the 1964 Civil Rights Act: the mere beginning of an unending assault on society

Shrewsbury writes:

Dear Mr. Auster:

The new requirement that “gays” must be allowed to serve in the armed forces will prove no mere British Navy-like winking at buggery, but rather an act of pure Leninism. Just as the so-called civil rights legislation of the mid-1960s was not the culmination of a struggle, but rather the opening of a gateway for an ever more fevered totalitarian assault upon traditional America, so the repeal of the law prohibiting practicing homosexuals in the military is not a triumph that will satisfy the Leninists, but a colossal hammer for them to use to continue to smash into rubble the few edifices of traditional America which somehow remain standing.

Just think of the uses the New York Times will find for this new weapon. Even as the editors will not allow a single Arts section to see print without a feature on men dressed as women (an all-male ballet in today’s fishwrap, complete with color photo of leaping nancy-boy in tutu), so in the years to come we will be pummeled day after day with the latest supposed outrage by benighted homophobes in the military against the noble gays in uniform. This of course will provide the means by which the Leninists can endlessly persecute the military as they have persecuted non-elite civilian whites for half a century. The inevitable irritated and snippy editorials demanding, “Why no gay generals?” will be the least of it. Presently, once all homophobes have been cashiered, we can begin to deal with the atrocity of “transgendered” male soldiers being forbidden to bunk in female barracks. The possibilities are endless, and we can rest assured that they will all be thoroughly, obsessively explored.

However, on the positive side, the interior decoration of the mess halls will be greatly improved, while the USO will now be able to stage delightfully campy cabaret shows at U.S. military bases all over the world (an instance of improved operational force-projection henceforth to be referred to in military documents as “ECC,” or “Enhanced Cabaret Capability”). Think of the Village People multiplied by a thousand, and you can readily see that the neocon dream of spreading the benefits of American democracy (or whatever it is now) to the whole world might finally be realized. Indeed, perhaps by 2020 we will be turning on our 3D televisions to behold the inspiring sight of the chiefs of staff of the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps joining the dancing boys of Afghanistan in a rousing performance of “YMCA.”

I remain,
Yrs. respectfully,

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