South African girl shot in face and killed by blacks

An 18-year-old South African high school student, Minke Aucamp, was murdered in broad daylight as she was getting into a car in the garage of her parents’ house to drive to school. The killers shot her in the mouth, then stole the car.

As Cicero points out at The Big Lie on Parade the fact that the killers shot the girl in the face, in the mouth, typifies black intentions toward whites, which is not just to hurt and kill them, but to deface them, to wipe out their identity and their humanness. The white world colonized blacks or imported them as slaves, and then civilized or half-civilized many of them; but now that the white world has let go its moral authority and position of leadership, the blacks are returning to the jungle savagery whence they came.

The story is conveyed in the familiar neutral and affectless manner, including the girl’s father’s passive response to her murder, by a local TV news station, News 24, showing that the reporting of savage black-on-white mayhem is the exactly same in South Africa as here:

Johannesburg—A matric pupil from the East Rand, who was en route to friends to study for the final exams, died shortly after being shot in the face by hijackers, Beeld newspaper reported on Friday.

Minke Aucamp, 18, who was a pupil at the Jurgens High School in Springs, was shot in the mouth as she was leaving her parents’ driveway in her Hyundai Atos on Thursday.

Minke Aucamp

A domestic worker, who gave her name only as Ally, told police that she had heard a scream and two gunshots at around noon.

She ran to the garage, where she found Minke lying on the ground and saw the Atos being driven away.

Police and paramedics arrived on the scene shortly afterwards, and Minke was airlifted to hospital in Alberton, but doctors declared her dead on arrival.

She was the only child of Carol and Willie Aucamp, who told reporters on Thursday that they had waited ten years to have her.

“She was so young … they could have just taken the car,” a devastated Willie Aucamp told Beeld.

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James P. writes:

An 18-year-old white girl was murdered 18 years after apartheid ended! You really have to wonder what her parents were thinking as she grew up. During all those years, in which each day brought another act of black savagery, they never said, “Hey, let’s get out of here!” Instead, I suppose, they said each act was a “random” incident that did not establish a meaningful trend requiring action on their part.

Anthony R. writes:

This is a comment from the “Look Local” news site, which seems to be about the extent of the S.African news coverage for this heinous crime:

“Police are fairly confident as to the identity of the suspect—a man who apparently already has a warrant out for his arrest after he was let out on bail on previous hijacking charges.”

Released on bail for car hijacking, a crime which in Azania is often accompanied by murder? And if I know the black Azanian police farce, the bail was probably a trivial amount—at most the equivalent of $50.

Also, the fact that they shot her in the face tells me that not only did they want to murder her, but they wanted to destroy her beauty as well.

As for James’s unkind comment, unless you have a foreign passport (most Afrikaners do not) or professional qualifications, its not so easy to emigrate—even more so if you are middle-aged as these parents are.

A further tragedy is that this was their only child and they tried for ten years to conceive her. Another family destroyed by brutal black savages.

LA replies:

Sorry, what is “Azania?

Anthony R. replies:

“Azania” is what radical black nationalists have long wanted to rename South Africa.

The ANC has not yet endorsed this but in my opinion it’s only a matter of time before they do, the name “South Africa” being so Eurocentric.

So for me, and other race-realists, to refer to the “New (but unimproved) South Africa” as “Azania” is a tongue-in-cheek way of mocking the black radical agenda.

October 31

Rick Darby writes:

Sorry, Anthony R., but James P. is right and you are wrong.

Obviously one has empathy for any parents who lost their only child in such a hideous manner, but these people are typical self-genocidal whites. Their daughter was born 18 years ago. Let’s see: who was running South Africa 18 years ago (and for several years earlier)? The ANC. [LA replies: The ANC took over the government of S. Africa in 1994 with the election of Mandela.]

So these white fools trusted the blacks whom they and people like them turned their country over to, enough to create and raise a child in a black-ruled country. (The story, by the way, doesn’t say the couple “tried” for 10 years to have a child; it says they “waited.” For what? The end of apartheid?)

As to James P.’s “unkind comment,” you say that “unless you have a foreign passport (most Afrikaners do not) or professional qualifications, its not so easy to emigrate—even more so if you are middle-aged as these parents are.” Is it illegal for Afrikaners to have a foreign passport? For Americans or almost any other nationality, it’s not. Essentially, you can buy one; read the web site Sovereign Man if you don’t believe me.

But the Aucamps didn’t see any reason to obtain one. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn they’d been active in anti-apartheid politics back in the day. They couldn’t admit they had been wrong, could they?

If I were a middle-aged white parent in South Africa, I would move heaven and earth to enable my family to emigrate, no matter how great the effort or how much it cost. I’d buy a foreign passport, get the family a round trip ticket (so as not to arouse suspicion) and go. You claim it’s not easy … but under the circumstances, what else can you do, except what the Aucamps did, nothing.

“She was so young … they could have just taken the car,” Willie Aucamp said. That tells you all you need to know about his acceptance of black criminality.

LA replies:

I agree with Mr. Darby about the significance of Willie Aucamp’s remark to the press on his daughter’s murder.

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