An eerily correct prediction, nine months ago

Alexis Zarkov wrote at VFR last June 22:

I expect the next major event in black-on-white violence will unfold in the following way. Somewhere a white victim will resist the attack using lethal force, most likely with a firearm. If the black attacker(s) get killed or seriously wounded, we will then experience a much magnified replay of the 1984 attack on Bernard Goetz in New York City on a national level. Obama will make remarks that inflame the situation. The press will go into a frenzy. Accusations of militia activity will fly. Depending on where the event occurs, black riots with more white victims. I think we’re sitting on a powder keg on a national level.

- end of initial entry -

March 25

Alexis Zarkov writes:

I had forgotten I wrote that. Good work retrieving it. Do you keep a tagged database of comments? I have to admit that in light of current circumstances, my own words do seem eerie to me. With the likes of Sharpton and Obama pouring gasoline on the fire, we could end up with a major riot. As you point out, it doesn’t take much to trigger a violent black response to anything. They will riot over the outcome of a football game. This happened a few years ago in Oakland. The whites in the south are armed and will not submit. They will fight back. What then? Federal troops?

LA replies:

No data base. I was looking for the entries on Christopher Kernich. Not remembering his name, I was having trouble finding them, and as I was searching further I happened to come upon the entry with your comment.

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