Australia sounds far more PC than America

Mark Richardson writes at Oz Conservative:
What obsesses the political class on Australia Day?

You would think that Australia Day would be time for a little patriotic pride. Unfortunately, that’s not how it’s treated in the media. The media is obsessed in the week leading up to Australia Day with endless handwringing about whether Australians are racist or not. They just can’t leave the issue alone - which reveals, I think, where their heads are at. Even in a relatively conservative paper like the Herald Sun, you just can’t escape the obsession—in today’s edition, for instance, there are no less than three columns all boringly saying the same thing. It’s not that they are sinking the boot in, it’s that their frame for discussing Australia Day is limited to the issue of whether Australians are or aren’t racist in response to diversity and multiculturalism.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 25, 2012 08:30 AM | Send

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