Conservatives who worship Winston Churchill yet would banish anyone who said what Churchill said about Islam

Spencer Warren writes:

Thank you for posting my comments on Churchill and Islam. In a December 2005 post, you also quoted Churchill on Islam. The passage is is from his book, The River War. A couple of the phrases originated in the dispatches I quoted.

Plus in the 2005 entry you have some good analysis of your own, including this:

Please note that the Islam that Churchill is describing as inherently a slave system, as inherently presenting an ongoing threat to Europe, is not “radical” Islam, not “political” Islam, not “Islamo-fascism.” It is traditional, normative, orthodox Islam.

Yet the very people who rush to put on Churchill’s mantle would deny this truth. Imagine if one of the speakers at that Claremont Institute dinner, where the Winston Churchill award was given to Mark Steyn, had read aloud this passage of Churchill’s. The room would have fallen into an embarrassed silence. The speaker would be seen as having committed an unpardonable offense against propriety.

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