The simple, true, and vitally important things that you cannot say if you wish to have a place in mainstream society

With regard to the previous entry, “In Liberal World, the human cost of making the slightest ‘misstatement’ about blacks,” it would be worthwhile quoting from Paul Kersey’s January 2011 article, “What is Black Run America”:

All the while anyone who dares say that it is Black people and poor decisions made by Black people that keep them in a permanent state of disarray (in America, as well as South Africa, Haiti and wherever they may be found in the world) will be promptly escorted from polite society. Black people cannot be blamed for their poor decisions, namely high illegitimate rates; having high dropout rates in school; high abortion rates; high crime rates; poor credit scores; horrible records of personal health; and a lack of participation in certain vocations, etc.

People daring to harbor insidious views that dare hold Black people accountable for their decisions have no place in a tolerant, Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) led society. White guilt is an eternal sin and slavery is a most convenient excuse for the continued decline in all aspects of Black people’s lives (save for sports) and a rational discussion on racial matters will never transpire in America for hate facts are not allowed in the arena of accepted parlance in approved BRA discourse.

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