Mulatto with B.A. in “Law, Societies, and Justice” assassinates Seattle police officer

The execution-style murder of four police officers by a black man in a Tacoma area coffee shop this morning was not the first such recent attack in Washington State. A Seattle police officer was murdered execution-style in October by a black, or rather mulatto, man, Christopher Monfort. As we learn from American Renaissance,

[Monfort] received a BA from the University of Washington in 2008, with a major in Law, Societies and Justice. He was part of the McNair Scholars Program, sponsored by the university’s Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity, to try to prepare non-whites for graduate work.

Perhaps, as the college-educated son of a white woman and a black man, Monfort identified with President Obama and wanted to do in physical terms what Obama is seeking to do in political, national security, economic, and cultural terms—kill white America. In any case, we can say for a certainty that Montfort is a nonwhite who, contrary to liberal and mainstream-conservative expectations, did not become more affectionately disposed toward America as a result of Obama’s election. Richard Hoste copies at his website the article about Montfort from the December American Renaissance:

On Halloween night, Seattle police officers Timothy Brenton and Britt Sweeney sat in their cruiser reviewing notes of a traffic stop. A car pulled up and the driver fired several shots, killing Officer Brenton instantly and wounding Officer Sweeney.

A week later, during a memorial service for Officer Brenton, police got an anonymous tip on where they could find the shooter’s car. Detectives staked out the vehicle and stopped the man who approached it. He ran off and pulled a gun, but it did not go off. He then ran up some stairs, with the detectives after him. When he stopped and pointed the gun at them again, they shot him in the head, critically wounding him. Upon further investigation, police concluded that Christopher Monfort, 41, was not only Officer Brenton’s killer but was probably behind an October incident in which three police cars and an RV used as a mobile precinct were firebombed. Police say a note at the scene contained a threat to kill police officers.

Mr. Monfort is not your average cop-killer. He received a BA from the University of Washington in 2008, with a major in Law, Societies and Justice. He was part of the McNair Scholars Program, sponsored by the university’s Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity, to try to prepare non-whites for graduate work.

Mr. Monfort had a special interest in jury nullification. For inspiration, he drew upon the work of Prof. Paul Butler of George Washington University, who says jurors should feel free to disregard a judge’s instructions and acquit a defendant no matter how strong the evidence. Prof. Butler says it is “the moral responsibility of black jurors to emancipate some guilty black outlaws” and that his “goal is the subversion of American criminal justice, at least as it now exists.” While he was attending a community college, Mr. Monfort was elected vice president of the student government. He started a petition drive to bring U.S. troops home for Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr. Monfort’s mother is a white woman from Alaska. Her friend and business partner, Vicki Malone, says, “I know Chris [Monfort] very well and this just doesn’t sound like him.” She says this could be a case of mistaken identity, adding that Mr. Monfort was always careful because he was afraid he could be targeted by police because of his race. She says she knows nothing about Mr. Monfort’s black father: “That was a long time ago.” [Suspect Shot as City Mourns Slain Officer, Seattle Times, Nov. 7, 2009.]

Richard Hoste continues:

Looks like someone took the nonsense he learned in Grievances 2000 at the state university seriously.

The mother is likely a loser with an IQ below 95. She gave birth to a black who had a similar IQ and instead of becoming a bus driver, as a white man with similar intelligence would’ve done, he became a star on the community college diversity scene.

… According to the comments the local news says that they’re looking for black men. Looks like the Seattle area community college is creating cells of cop killers.

Had all this been done by Muslims, FoxNews would be screaming about the need to profile and lamenting what political correctness has done. We probably would’ve already had a law passed by now allowing cops to waterboard anybody who runs a red light. Instead this will be swept under the rug and no larger conclusions will be drawn.

LA replies:

I could be wrong, but I think that black on white violence—both your “ordinary” rapes and murders, and the politically motivated attacks on the Man—is reaching such a pitch that mainstream commentators will start talking about it in the not-distant future.

- end of initial entry -

LA writes:

By the way, Montfort is a name in English history. Simon de Montfort was a prominent figure in 13th century English politics. Winston Churchill has a chapter about him in the first volume of A History of the English Speaking Peoples. De Montfort led a rebellion against King Henry III, temporarily deposed him, and set up the first parliament in English history consisting of elected representatives, until the barons led by Prince Edward (the future Edward I) rose up against him, he was killed in battle, and King Henry was restored to the throne.

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