What’s more important to the media than increasing readership? Protecting the liberal ideology.

Mark Jaws writes:

Here we have a home invasion in Stafford County, Virginia (where I live) which “went wrong” from the point of view of the young black criminals. The event took place only a mile away from Quantico Marine Corps Base, so there is a good chance the man who stabbed the “youths” was a Marine.

Below is the article Mark sent, from the Stafford County Sun. Note the skewed way it is written. It begins with the least interesting, least dramatic thing, that one of the perpetrators has turned himself in. The most important and dramatic part—that three armed blacks invaded a home and held the couple at knife point for an hour, repeatedly assaulting the husband, until the husband managed to get hold of a knife and stabbed two of the barbarians—does not appear until the latter part of the article.

Think of how sensationalististic the U.S. news media generally are, and then think of how—whenever a story concerns black criminals—the media make even the most sensational and exciting story as boring, bland, and meaningless as possible. And this is even more the case when the black criminals are subdued by an armed white man, as the husband most likely is, given that most home invasions by blacks target white homes.

The news media want to increase readership and viewership and make money, right? Then why do they downplay the most exciting, even heroic stories? Because, just as Michael Medved said years ago in his book about Hollywood, for the news media, promoting the liberal view of reality is more important than professional and financial success.

The Stafford County Sun reports:

STAFFORD—An adult suspect in a home invasion that took place early Tuesday turned himself in to police this afternoon.

Terry Adolfo Welch, 18, of Brooke Crest Lane in Stafford, faces charges including breaking and entering at night while armed and attempted robbery. Additional charges against Welch are expected, police said.

Two teenagers were arrested Tuesday morning after a home invasion that took place in Widewater Village subdivision in Stafford County. A third suspect—Welch—was still at large until he turned himself in, according to the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office.

The two arrested teenagers are 16-year-old boys from Stafford County, police said. They were served juvenile petitions.

Police said that just before 2 a.m., Stafford deputies responded to the subdivision for a reported home invasion in which a man and his wife were held at knifepoint in their home for about an hour just after midnight.

They told police that three males entered their home and physically restrained the woman. The husband was assaulted several times during the altercation, police said, and the three intruders had then split up throughout the home.

After about an hour, the husband was able to arm himself with a kitchen knife. Police said a struggle took place and the husband stabbed two of the intruders before all three of the intruders fled from the home.

Just after police received a 911 call, they were able to locate one of the teen suspects. He was taken to an area hospital and treated for the stab wound, police said.

The second teen ran home. His mother took him to an area hospital and was treated for a stab wound, released and turned over to the police.

Police are investigating whether or not the three suspects were involved in other home invasions in the region, including one that occurred May 21 in Widewater Village.

Here is a much more detailed and dramatic story from myfoxdc.com:

3 teens arrested for Stafford home invasion after homeowner fights back

There was a frightening home invasion early Tuesday in Stafford, Va. A couple was held hostage at knifepoint until the husband fought back. Now three teenage suspects are under arrest, two of them nursing serious wounds.

The suspects were daring enough to break into an occupied house overnight, but ended up getting stabbed by the frightened, then furious homeowner.

Stafford County Sheriff’s Deputies say the trio may be responsible for other home invasions in that part of northern Virginia.

“Oh, it’s very scary. Very scary,” says Pat Tudor, the victim’s neighbor. “I can’t imagine what’s going through the minds of the people that it’s happening to.”

Officials say just after midnight, three teenagers armed with at least one knife broke into a house, tied up a woman, beat her husband and then forced him to gather up valuables for them to steal.

Sheriff’s officials say an hour into the ordeal, the homeowner turned the tables, grabbing a kitchen knife and stabbing two of the young men, both 16 year olds, who then ran from the house, waking neighbors in the process.

“Sounded like a female voice,” says Manny Vega who lives nearby. “Might have been one of the assailants running in pain after having been stabbed.”

Erik Frate says he saw one of the wounded teens on the ground across the street from his house.

“He was lying on his back, on the ground, just crawling, saying ‘help me, help me,”’ says Frate.

The third suspect, 18-year-old Terry Welch, got away unharmed, but later turned himself in to the authorities.

“I’m grateful to the gentleman that was able to bring some closure to it,” says Tudor. “I think the whole neighborhood feels a little safer now.”

“He did absolutely what would come instinctively to any man trying to protect his family,” Vega added.

Officials say the three suspects now in custody may be the same young men who committed an eerily similar home invasion in this same subdivision four weeks ago.

“The cops told me they tied the couple up,” says Frate. “Made them get naked. Vandalized the house. Stole anything that was worth any money and just left them tied up naked.”

Pat Tudor says after that break-in, she got an alarm system.

“I realized my house is only as secure as the glass in the windows. So, there it is. It alters your thought process. And what you’re saying is, that I don’t feel secure in my own home,” she says.

The Widewater Village subdivision in north Stafford is home to quite a few military families.

“I’m sure that a lot of neighbors will sleep a little bit better tonight knowing that there are three criminals off the street,” says Vega.

Sheriff’s officials say the wounded teen, arrested in the neighborhood early Tuesday morning, was still hospitalized late in the evening.

The other 16-year-old was taken to the hospital by his mother. He, too, now under arrest.

Welch is being held without bond.

Here is an excerpt from the story at fredericksburg.com which more clearly tells the heart of the story:

The man reported that three males entered the home earlier in the morning armed with knives.

They physically restrained his wife and held the couple hostage at knifepoint for about an hour, police said.

They also made the man walk through the home identifying valuables and assaulted the man numerous times during the walk, Kennedy said.

Eventually the three suspects split up to go through the house, Kennedy said, at which point the male resident got a kitchen knife.

Fearing for the well-being of his wife and additional attacks upon himself, the man challenged the intruders and a struggle ensued.

During the struggle, the man stabbed two of the suspects and eventually chased all three out of the house.

Shortly after receiving the 911 call, deputies found one of the 16-year-olds in the neighborhood. He was taken to an area hospital to receive treatment for a stab wound.

A second 16-year-old ran home and was taken to a hospital by his mother, police said. He was released from the hospital after being treated for a superficial stab wound and turned over to police.

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Paul Nachman writes:

From the newspaper article you quoted:

Officials say the three suspects now in custody may be the same young men who committed an eerily similar home invasion in this same subdivision four weeks ago.

What a gratuitous use of the word “eerily”! The reporter thinks this merry band would more likely try creative variations on their thuggery M.O.?

LA replies:

It’s a variation on “shocking” and “surprising.” Liberals refuse to recognize any pattern to black barbarism, because that would mean recognizing that there is such a thing as black barbarism. Each barbaric act is a unique event, something that’s never happened before. So when two barbaric acts by the same black barbarians are just like each other, well, to the liberal mind, that’s “eerie.”

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