The soul of a contemporary woman

Remember Debrahlee Lorenzana, the woman fired from Citibank because her male colleagues found her curvaceous charms so distracting they couldn’t focus on the job when she was around? Well, guess what. Her curves are not her own. She’s a serial client of plastic surgery, including breast augmentation. And not only that, she has promoted breast augmentation in a video in which she is seen unembarrassedly discussing why she wants her second boob job (she says she’s not concerned about a natural look, she just wants big breasts); consulting with a doctor about it, who tells her there are limits to how big he can make her breasts; and going under the knife. The video is seen at this page at the New York Post. Watch the video and try to think of the emptiness in this woman’s soul, and think of the type of society—our society—that could produce such a woman.

Also, from her voice and speech patterns and what she says, I don’t think her IQ is over 90. How could she be a “banker” at Citibank?

(Perhaps the video was made several years ago, because I think it refers to her as 26, but recent media reports say she is 33.)

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Gintas writes:

From the video: “She’s on a determined manhunt,” and, “I love plastic surgery, I think it’s the best thing that ever happened.”

So, she doesn’t have a man? Is it because she can’t get one? She has a child already, it appears she can’t keep a man. She’s looking for a tall, “successful” (that is, rich) guy with blue eyes. Bigger breasts (or, rather, much bigger breasts) would seal the deal! How can a handsome, successful man not fall for her now?

Dan R. writes:

In the video I notice that at the beginning of Debrahlee Lorenzana’s meeting with the doctor he says “obviously the goal of the breast augmentation is for you to be happy.” Is this not perhaps the soul of a contemporary plastic surgeon? Dr. Michael Gray is a plastic surgeon in the Detroit area who buys an enormous amount of air time on Detroit’s largest radio station, WJR. Most of his ads begin by saying: “What do I do? I make people happy.” For every woman out there with an empty soul there seems to be a doctor to match.

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