Ann Barnhardt is on a tax strike

Dean Ericson writes:

You’ll recall Ann Barnhardt closed her brokerage business because government thieving has made markets unsafe. Now she’s on tax strike as well, unwilling to support Obama’s “cult of child sacrifice.” It’s a hard nugget of open rebellion. The IRS notice threatening her is posted on her website. Now she’s laying the lash on those supporters of hers who have tried to dissuade her from taking on the IRS and risking imprisonment. She says they are nominal Christians who have no concept of Christian martyrdom.

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Jewel writes:

This is a topic I’ve been thinking about for a long, long time. The IRS doesn’t mind tax fraud if it is committed by illegals. In fact, they’ve told their own agents to look the other way. But. They’ll come down on Ann hard. As things begin to circle the drain, many people will become “delinquent” on their taxes because everything else will cost too much. This is always what happens in over-regulated societies.

Our government misuses language the way they misspend our money. They tell us forced taxes is the same as “investment.” The taxpayers/investors aren’t fooled. When people are overly burdened by government, they will look for any means to keep what little they have. Ann has been pointing out that investment firms have been looting their clients’ safety deposit boxes, in addition to their accounts. No prosecutions are forthcoming. It isn’t a far reach to believe that the federal government will seize retirement funds, privately owned gold, silver, private properties—even food. It’s been done before. Money isn’t paper, and paper money is worthless. The appetite of government is insatiable. Taxes are but one way of feeding it. It won’t surprise me if bribery begins to feed on the festering rot already in place. When it all comes crashing down, there will be a need for scapegoats. Anyone but government.

Tomorrow is 9/11. I remember Rosie O’Donnell saying that burning jet fuel couldn’t melt steel, and that was one of her reasons for believing that 9/11 was an “inside” job by our own government. As I recall the counter-argument put forth by several scientists more convincingly, burning jet fuel doesn’t need to melt steel, only alter its molecular structure in order to weaken it.

That’s pretty much where we are now. Our country is in a structurally weakened state. When you look at the damage done to the governmental structure, it’s molecular, right down to the citizenry. Ann’s point is that there is a point when you must stand up and stand against your government. For her, that moment is now. I don’t disagree with her motives or her actions. It starts with singular acts of defiance scattered here and there. This woman will be more powerful on her knees in prayer in solitary confinement than Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck with their popularity and bombast.

It really doesn’t matter who wins this election. The rot is complete. Standing up to the government is the moral thing to do.

Terry Morris writes:

You wouldn’t believe the number of times over the last couple of years I’ve answered the “but the Bible says ‘render unto Caesar’ ” argument with the obvious, “simply because Caesar claims a thing as his own doesn’t mean it belongs to him. Are you kidding me?!”

I’m behind Miss Barnhardt too.

September 12

MJB writes:

I’m glad you have found Ann Barnhardt. She has been a “good read” for me for several years. She is almost impossible not to understand. She is amazingly able to explain Catholic doctrine and much of it is easily understood Christian doctrine—meaning biblical doctrine with the verse and location.

David P. writes:

I’m glad to see that you have posted on Ann Barnhardt.

Ann Barnhardt is right when she says that the first republic is dead. She is convinced that sooner or later, the USA will come after devout Christians in the US, as that is what all socialist/communist countries have done before. Quite correctly the liberal-leftists, do not see Islam as a threat. However, Christianity they do see as a faith that can destroy their ideologies. Hence, the continuous anti-Christian message from the liberal-leftist media in the West.

Ann’s recent essays on what is wrong with contemporary Christianity came about when her readers beseeched her to pay her taxes using ” Render unto Caesar..”, are right on target. She is the bravest of the brave, in a league with Joan of Arc. She is quite prepared to go to prison or worse, as she knows that in Christ, she is a slave to no one.

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