What to do about Islam in the West: a concise argument

A commenter says that there is no significant support for stopping and reversing Muslim immigration and that the idea is a pipe dream. I reply that we have no choice but to begin where we are. And that means that those of us who believe in this position need to argue for it, wherever we feel it may be appropriate to do so, whether on the Web, or in private conversation, or in published letters and articles, offering our friends, relatives, and fellow citizens a new way of seeing this problem. As the jihad war against us becomes more and more open and aggressive (Fort Hood, Flight 253, the attack on Kurt Westergaard), and as the costs we pay for living under the constant threat of terrorist attacks become more and more onerous and unbearable (will we really submit to full body scans as a normal part of life?), the idea of returning Muslims to the Islamic lands, which at present seems wildly extreme and completely out of the question, will gradually come to be seen, by more and more people, as logical, obvious, unavoidable, and right. I then suggest some points that could be made as part of this argument.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 03, 2010 01:23 AM | Send

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