The off-the-planet things being said about Limbaugh

There are insane things going on out there. Look at the statements that a black website called NewsOne is attributing to Rush Limbaugh. I stopped reading after the first three. The statements are so completely out of character for Limbaugh that a person would have to be a complete idiot to believe that Limbaugh had said them. And apparently such blatantly false and damaging quotes have been spread by the “mainstream media.” When a non-racial, optimistic, Reagan-type conservative like Limbaugh gets systematically portrayed as some low-level vile hater of black people, then what Diana West said the other day seems to be confirmed: the attack on Limbaugh represents a new stage in our country’s downward course toward leftist mob psychosis and leftist tyranny. In this connection; we should not forget the kinds of things that were being said about Pim Fortuyn in the weeks leading up to his murder in 2002. When the main media organs of a society gang up on a person and constantly call him a dangerous right wing extremist and threat to society, that person’s life is in danger. I’m sure Rush has personal security. I would advise him to increase it.

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October 17

Alan M. writes:

You wrote:

“The statements are so completely out of character for Limbaugh that a person would have to be a complete idiot to believe that Limbaugh had said them.”

Unfortunately, at least half of people in the U.S. never listen to Rush, never watch Fox News and are ready to believe conservatives are selfish, racist, and evil as a result of all sorts of criminally incorrect portrayals from the media they do pay attention to. These people have no fear uttering whatever they want—in public, in the workplace, in the media.

Every day it becomes easier to see what slowly happened to the Jews in 1930s Germany.

David B. writes:

You write, “I’m sure Rush has personal security. I would advise him to increase it.”

Today, I listened to Rush’s opening monologue in which he discussed a golf outing. He offhandedly referred to “my security detail.”

Dedicated Dittohead writes:

As a Dittohead from Day One of his national show, I can easily believe Rush has made some of these racially charged statements. However, I think his alleged comments on slavery and James Earl Ray are complete fabrications. Don’t write Rush off as a complete pansy on race. Every now and then Rush will enter the fray of racial politics and have a Bill Cosby-lite moment. To those of you who wish he would probe further, please be mindful that Rush is a businessman who must draw sponsors, and until his show is solely financed by contributions from his listeners, he will be limited to what he can say.

Larry G. writes:

Those first three “quotes” are the fabricated ones spread by the media and acknowledged to be false. Anyone who actually listens to the show would realize that Rush has very good relationships with black people. His call screener/assistant is black and sometimes contributes to the show. He lauds people like Justice Clarence Thomas and Thomas Sowell, and Walter Williams has subbed for Rush. He has numerous black friends from the football world. Certainly he has no respect for race hustlers like Jackson and Sharpton, nor does he have any good words for the imbeciles in the Congressional Black Caucus. And he sees Obama for what he is—a Marxist, an empty suit, and a danger to this country. But I have never heard him utter anything that could remotely be called “racist.”

BTW, here is Limbaugh’s response in the Wall Street Journal.

Kathlene M. writes:

If you think the attack on Rush Limbaugh showed a new level of lies and craziness among the left, get ready for much much worse. The left’s attacks against “racism” (i.e., anyone who opposes anything liberal) and “bigotry” (i.e., religious objection to homosexuality) are about to get a whole lot uglier. The harassment of Prop 8 supporters in California was a harbinger of things to come. People who donated even small amounts to Prop 8 had their addresses published and were subsequently harassed by mail or in person. The Mormon Church was attacked non-stop. See in the article below excerpts from a speech by a wealthy homosexual activist who advises “active measures” against religious opponents.

Kathlene continues:

When Bohnett speaks of aggressively confronting the churches with “facts,” he’s speaking of intimidation although he claims in point 4 that he’s merely trying to initiate a conversation. Based on what I saw out here in California during the Prop 8 battle, Mormons and others were being intimidated into silence. A few pro-Prop-8 supporters actually lost their jobs when their identities were revealed.

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