Are the Serbs the last holdout against the U.S.-led Islamization of Europe?

Here is a worthwhile and important article by “Spengler,” about how Washington in the interests of favoring Muslims is pushing Kosovo independence, meaning the complete Albanian-Muslim take-over of the historic heartland of Serbia, and how Serb and Russian opposition to this move may be Europe’s last line of defense against the advance of Islam. I’m glad to see Spengler come down from his perch and take a definite stand—a pro-Christian, pro-European stand.

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David H. writes:

I thank you for posting this link and information. During the entire NATO campaign of death and destruction, I challenged the reasons for the attacks on a nation that had not ever attacked the United States. I watched as letter after letter of mine never appeared in local and national newspapers, as even Rush Limbaugh challenged one caller who doubted the “atrocities” committed by Serbs by asking “If you [caller] are correct, why aren’t we seeing it anywhere in the media, why are you the only one saying this” (not his exact words, but his exact message). This from the man who knows well how the media lies.

There were no leftist peace protests, not even after American bombers struck Beograd (a city; but Christian, not islamic, and therefore not off-limits to attack) on Easter morning. If you are familiar with Orthodox nations, on Easter morning there are countless faithful out on the streets, each holding a candle—a sea of light that is beautiful to behold. No protests when a passenger train was destroyed with numerous casualties. No protests when a young girl on a bicycle was killed by an errant bomb. Innocents had to be sacrificed—a few eggs had to be broken—so that the left and right liberals could finally have their “humane” war that did not involve “American interests.” In the end it clearly did; a vital interest, a non-islamic Europe, and America both enabled that horror and killed one of its only allies. Milosevic was a cretin and a petty dictator, but his time was ending, and the Serbian people did not fight for him. They fought against the death cult of Mohammed.

Serbia was the claxon call alerting us to the ignored Islamic menace. For their efforts they were destroyed, and now the sacred heart of the Serbian people is to be ripped from them and given to terrorists who adore bin Laden, who will continue their expansion into Crna Gora and Macedonia, and will, someday soon, provide murderers for attacks on Americans. That will be their gratitude.

Milos from Serbia writes:

Hello. I couldn’t help noticing your latest entry about us Serbs being the last holdout against the islamisation of Europe. Since I live in Serbia I’d like to give you a bit of perspective.

If we are a hope we are a faint one. The population is a great deal tired of the 1990-ties wars of succession and has bought into the utopia called the European Union which is being continously hammered into their heads by politicians, almost all the media and various NGOs and special interest groups. At the same time the military is being downsized to comical proportions. The other day it was told that we’ll have no more then 250 tanks altogether!

In spite of this I believe we Serbs are not as insane as populations of some European countries have become, and still have the will to defend ourselves, but our political elite is just as appalling as anywhere else. The Democratic Party of President Tadic are your typical Euro-liberals. Need I say more? Prime minister Kostunica and his Democratic Party of Serbia (sounds like something straight out of «Life of Brian», doesn’t it? Well it’s not far off!) are a bit more sane, but even they continue to harp on about the EU and Kostunica has a reputation of being undecisive and weak. The largest party in the country is the Radical Party, hard-line nationalists, against the EU, but they look for allies mostly in the wrong places like Syria and are as anti-American as they come, believing it to be some sort of a malignant monolith and refusing to build any kind of bridge towards it. Elections were in January and since no party got the 50% majority a coalition is needed, but it is nowhere in sight. Kostunica does not want with Tadic since he fears (rightly so, if you ask me) he will stab the country in the back over Kosovo and he is afraid to go with the Radical party fearing that this would mean he burnt all the bridges with the West since the Radicals won’t tone down the anti-American rhetoric. The Radicals in their turn wish no coalition with Kostunica since they believe he’s an appeaser. Going back to the potential treason of the President, one of his advisers resigned his post the other day since he found out Tadic was negotiationg behind everyone’s back over Kosovo. Total chaos, in other words. And don’t get me started on the economy, unemployment, detachment from traditional values, negative birth rates, work ethic destroyed by communism etc.

As I type this I learn that last night the police clashed with a Wahabi Muslim terrorist group near Novi Pazar in the part of the country populated by Muslims. They killed one and wounded another and one policeman was wounded also. It seems that even if we don’t desire and are hardly able to, we may have to be, as you say the last hope against Islamization.

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