The animals amongst us

Paul K. writes:

On the “Human, or animal?” question, I wonder if you have seen this video from last November. It was filmed by a member of a groups of black “teens” in a Chicago subway station. They see an elderly, frail-looking black man who appears to be asking people for directions or perhaps for change. One of the teens, who is particularly thuggish looking, walks up behind the man and turns to grin gleefully at his friends as if to say, “Watch this—it’s going to be hilarious!”

He taps the old man on the shoulder and when he turns around, punches him hard in the face. Knocked out, the old man collapses onto the concrete as the thug and his friends get on the subway car, roaring with laughter. Meanwhile, through the car’s window, we see a white woman kneel by the elderly man to see if he’s all right and then take out her cell phone to call for help. As the train pulls out of the station, the blacks continue to whoop and laugh, reliving the moment, one of them reenacting the heroic blow.

It was one of the most appalling things I have ever seen. I understand that many blacks hate whites and love to hurt or humiliate them, but here they took the same delight in inflicting pain, or possibly death, on a harmless old man that might have been one of their grandfathers. They later posted their video to World Star Hip Hop, demonstrating not only their pride in their act of savagery, but their utter indifference as to its consequences. Then there is the image of the concerned white woman, the Good Samaritan, kneeling by the old black man; clearly, she will take responsibility and see to it that he receives care. Savagery and civilization captured in a few seconds of footage.

If a liberal were to see something like this, would his defense mechanisms immediately spring into action, robbing the incident of any wider significance or finding in it some liberal lesson? How can he avoid asking himself, “What is to be done with such savages?” Put them in a jobs program? Give them counseling? Incarcerate them for a while? To borrow one of the catch phrases of radio host Bob Grant, “They have served notice on society that they are not fit to live amongst us.”

LA replies:

Bob Grant’s line was much more than a catch phrase. It was a profound statement of truth, a truth that liberal society continues to ignore. People who have given notice that they are a permanent danger to society must be permanently separated from society.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at July 11, 2012 10:31 AM | Send

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