Drudge at his worst

In the last couple of years I’ve praised Matt Drudge for his artful and mischievous juxtapositions of photos and headlines. However, my prior feeling, for many years, was that Drudge’s headlines were frequently sensationalist and not to be trusted. Today he has reverted to the old Drudge. His main headline, in huge, italicized, red letters is:


The implication is that Morsi’s regime is falling or about to fall. But the news story linked to Drudge’s headline merely indicates that Morsi has “left” the palace while police battle demonstrators. Further, it also reports: “Facing the gravest crisis of his six-month-old tenure, the Islamist president has shown no sign of buckling under pressure.”

So the sensational impression given by Drudge’s headline is false.

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December 5

BF writes:

Thank you for pointing out Drudge’s frequently misleading and sensationalist headlines. This is something that has bothered me for years. His site is also indispensable in many ways as well.

I am far from a fan of Hillary Clinton but I find his frequent use of the most unflattering pictures of her to be unnecessary.

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