GOP drinks the Kool-Aid

(Clarification, February 7, 9:19 p.m.: I do not know for a fact that the House GOP as a body has signed onto amnesty, but I’ve seen numerous statements by prominent GOP House members clearly indicating that they do support it. This was NOT the case in 2006 and 2007. They—and their conservative spokesmen such as Sean Hannity—stood like a stone wall against legalization of illegals. Now Hannity is in favor of legalization, Speaker Boehner is in favor of legalization, and, according to a New York Times article this week, many others. That plus a national speech by a prominent Republican officially representing the GOP that will be spoken half in Spanish. The whole drift of the GOP now seems to be to do everything they can to placate Hispanics, including amnesty.)

Words are inadequate to describe the disaster that has now occurred. They are inadequate to describe how obvious is the delusion to which the Republican Party is subscribing by supporting amnesty for illegal aliens and by choosing as their official responder to the State of the Union address Marco Rubio, who will deliver his remarks in English and then in Spanish, as though we were a bi-lingual country like Canada. The Republicans think that by becoming the party which is pro-illegal aliens, pro-legalization of illegal aliens, and pro-Spanish as quasi-official language of the United States, they will save themselves as a party. In fact that are assuring their demise as a party, since every increase in the Hispanic population of the U.S.—which comprehensive immigration reform is designed to bring about, both through legalization of illegals and by increasing legal immigration—will mean an increase in the Democrats’ electoral margin over the Republicans. This is because, even if the GOP’s sell-out to Hispanics results in some increase in Hispanic votes for the GOP, a majority of Hispanics will never vote for the GOP, and therefore the more Hispanics there are, the greater the Democrats’ advantage over the Republicans.

So the death of the GOP as a national party is assured—at the hands of the very ethnic group whom in their fantastical mindless delusion they are now embracing, thinking it will mean their salvation.

And I think the GOP has now also assured its death from another quarter—from white conservatives who will now finally realize that the Republicans do not stand for America but for its undoing. How could any conservative now support the GOP? It deserves to be destroyed. I, for one, wish it to be destroyed, and to be replaced by genuine conservative party.

Henry McCullouch writes:

About the Republican Party, you are absolutely right. The GOP bosses have made what they are as clear as can be. It is time to reject them altogether.

David B. writes:

Will the eternally stupid white voters in the 2016 GOP presidential primaries fall over themselves to vote for Rubio? Don’t be surprised if they do. It has been their usual pattern.

The Arizona Republican voters renominated and reelected McCain in 2010 and he went back to his usual pro-amnesty stance.

Will the results of the 2012 election influence Republican voters to exercise some intelligence in their voting habits? it remains to be seen.

Daniel F. writes:

Apropos of this post, this is the concluding paragraph of the lead editorial, by the priceless Fred Barnes, in the current (2/11) edition of the Weekly Standard:

“Republicans needn’t worry [about Obama’s demands for even more lenient immigration reform]. Nor should they expect Hispanic voters to swoon over their part in reforming immigration. Credit will come, over time, from having done the right thing for the right reason. Eleven million immigrants, having come to America to decide their own destiny in life, will recognize who and what made it possible.”

Sure, somewhere over the rainbow - who knows, maybe in 2064 - the descendants of the aliens we are now about to legalize, by then happily living in suburban ranch-houses, going to church every Sunday and earning good livings running small businesses (in Barnes’s sentimental imagination), will suddenly remember that they have their current happy life thanks to those wonderful Republicans of yesteryear. And then they will spontaneously start voting Republican, just out of sheer gratitude. Of course, this assumes that the Republicans still exist at that happy future (and unspecified) date.

Amazingly, this is what passes for hard-headed political analysis in the Republican establishment, which has devolved into a public relations auxiliary of the business lobbies.

I’m glad to hear that your suffering has been somewhat alleviated. I admire your courage in continuing with your work in the face of such adversity.

Karl D. writes:

I remember having a conversation a couple of years ago about illegal immigration with a mainstream GOP type who was of the John McCain school of non-thought. He truly believed that the Republican party was the natural choice for all Hispanics. I pointed out to him that all of the countries from which Hispanics originate (especially Mexico) have had, and will always have leftist or Socialist governments. Governments which these very same Hispanics continually vote for. So what made him think that they would suddenly change their political views when their feet hit American soil? His rebuttal was so stupid and naive I couldn’t continue the discussion. He claimed that Hispanics who come to America were made of different stuff. You see, they came to America for freedom, our ideals and blah, blah, blah, blah. This made them a natural for conservatism. How do you even argue with someone like that? Yet there are many Republicans out there who believe this nonsense!

JC in Houston writes:

It’s absolutely mindboggling, this great delusion that Hispanics are “natural conservatives.” As Pat Buchanan succinctly put it, why should Hispanics vote for a party that will cut taxes they don’t pay and will cut government benefits they DO receive?? Will the amnestied illegals be grateful for the GOP keeping taxes low on their capital gains? The GOP is worse than worthless. Homosexuals in the military?… Not a peep. Women in combat? … the sounds of silence. Free trade and offshoring of jobs? Let’s make it worse and bring in MORE foreigners to compete with Americans. I also think that they are kowtowing to the big business-cheap labor hogs who fill their coffers and saying to hell with white working class Americans. I agree with you, it’s time for this party to die. I have made it clear to my GOP representatives that if they facilitate the passage of this treasonous legislation, I and my family will never again vote for Republican candidates, at least on the national level. My sister who as conservative as they come, called Rubio’s office and told them that if he is the 2016 nominee she will vote for Hillary Clinton. Besides, why entrust the affairs of the country to people who are just too stupid to recognize reality?

LA replies:

A reader snottily wrote to me, “I am surprised that you did not see this coming.” He seems to have forgotten that the House GOP stood like a stone wall against amnesty and comprehensive immigration reform in 2006 and killed it dead, and that the GOP and the conservative establishment also stopped amnesty and comprehensive immigration reform in 2007. So what we have here is another instance in which Republicans / conservatives strongly opposed a liberal measure and won, and then some years pass and they suddenly surrender to the thing they had staunchly opposed. It happened with homosexuals in the military, and it happened with women in combat, and now it’s happened with amnesty for illegals, expansion of legal immigration, and approval of Spanish as a public language in the United States. The GOP’s opposition to amnesty was the last reason to keep supporting the GOP and wanting them to maintain power in Congress. Now that’s gone.

So they think they’re going to gain Hispanic votes by supporting amnesty. Have they forgotten how passionate is the opposition to amnesty in the GOP base? It hasn’t occurred to them that by gaining a handful of Hispanic votes they will lose their base? I don’t think that the Republicans really believe the ridiculous argument that supporting amnesty will give the party a new lease on life. I think they support amnesty because they simply want to get with the liberal program and to do the right thing, i.e., to stop being “discriminatory.” They know that “doing the right thing” will doom them as a party, but that is the essence of liberalism: to choose inclusive and virtuous non-existence over discriminatory existence. That is what America and the West as a whole have chosen since the mid twentieth century, and it only makes sense that the Republican Party would choose it as well. They had already chosen it by supporting our suicidal legal immigration policy which is turning America into a nonwhite country, and now all they’re doing, by supporting amnesty, is speeding up the suicide.

Alex B. writes:

Republicans simply believe that legalizing Mexicans and keeping the borders open is the morally right thing to do, because all people have the right to live where the living is good and it would be discrimination to exclude anybody who wants to come to America. “Hispanics are inherently conservative and will vote for us” is just an excuse to do what they wanted to do anyway. They’ve already done amnesty with Reagan and tried it again with Bush but were stopped by grassroots opposition.

Just as white liberals are willing to commit race and cultural suicide to diversify America, Republicans are willing to commit suicide as a party rather than put the interests of Americans before those of foreigners. They believe in equality, diversity, and non-discrimination just like Democrats. Equality, diversity and non-discrimination are exclusive, totalitarian beliefs—if you believe in them, you believe in nothing else. You don’t even believe in your own right to exist.

If the U.S. had a parliamentary system of government where minority coalition cabinets are common, there would already be a nationalist party like those in the major European countries, stealing lots of votes from the GOP. This lack of a check on its tendency to move leftward has allowed the GOP to be Democrats-lite with relative electoral impunity (i.e.graciously losing by a few percentage points, which seems to be all they aspire to) so far. And white conservatives haven’t shown any signs of waking up yet. The tea party is a joke—they think the country can return to financial sanity without returning to its traditional beliefs. That bunch is no threat to the GOP.

Alex B. continues:

Just saw your last comment in which you write about Republicans dooming themselves rather than discriminating. I had just sent in my comment with the same thought expressed in almost the same words.

LA replies:

Since our thoughts are so similar, maybe you could take over the writing of VFR. :-)

February 8

Alex B. writes:

You wouldn’t like the direction VFR would take. I am far angrier than you.

Alex B. writes:

The House Republicans stood fast against the Bush amnesty because their phones were ringing off the hook with unprecedented numbers of angry GOP voters telling them they would do their damndest to vote them out of office if it passed. The Republican leadership didn’t expect that, being far removed from their base and having no idea what normal people think.

Daniel F. writes:

You note the GOP’s proclivity for abruptly surrendering to the Democrats after raising hell over an issue for years. Another example of this seems to be emerging: Obamacare. Republican governors, including those who vocally opposed Obamacare and participated in the lawsuit that almost resulted in its invalidation, are now beginning to cave in and accept the Medicaid expansion program. This is happening even though the Supreme Court (by vote of 7-2) invalidated the supposedly coercive measure under which states would have lost all federal Medicaid funding if they refused the expansion.

Max P. writes:

I hold onto hope that Republicans will hang strong in the House. But the Senate is lost given it is controlled by the Democrats and the Republicans will not mount a filibuster.

However, if the elites are going to ram through amnesty and continued mass immigration in the name fairness, then in the name of fairness can we at least get them to agree that Mexico has already filled its quota, and its time to take immigrants from elsewhere? Not that I want continued immigration. On the contrary, I am on your side on this issue.

But I feel discussing the numbers of immigrants who have already come to America might actually contribute to our current debate. We know that Americans are notoriously ill-informed. We’ve heard of the polls where the American public believes homosexuals represent one quarter of the population, and that blacks represent a third. Unsurprisingly, most Americans believe non-whites have not had their fair share in coming to America because non-whites are still a minority.

How many people realize that Mexico has sent more immigrants to the United States than any other nation? How many realize that Mexico has sent more immigrants here in the past three decades than England, Germany and Italy have sent in the past four centuries? How many realize that non-European immigration has now exceeded European immigration?

They don’t know this because they fail to comprehend that Europeans have been here longer and have had several generations of children which now account for the greater number of Europeans in this country despite the fact fewer of them immigrated here.

The facts are there. If you desire I can transcribe them in tabular format from Pat Buchanan’s book, “State of Emergency.” There he cites John F. Kennedy’s essay on immigration with tables listing the number of immigrants sent here by country of origin from 1607 to 1958. It is astonishing to see. Using real numbers is an excellent way of presenting an argument against amnesty and continued mass immigration. It will really be hard for amnesty supporters to justify legalizing millions of Mexicans when people realize that Mexico has already sent so many. It might even make the Mexicans seem rather selfish. The same could apply to other groups like Salvadorans. The numbers are there. People just need to be enlightened.

Diana West writes:

You’re absolutely right about the unintended (?) consequence of the GOP/amnesty betrayal being a tsunami of new Democrats that will permanently overwhelm conservatives in all national elections forevermore—and many state and local elections as well. Maybe the GOP just wants to be extinguished and put out of its misery.

February 9

Laura G. writes:

THANKS to all for the fury that is embedded in these comments on amnesty, which I share fully. A daily conundrum is whether to give up entirely or to continue struggling for the future of the nation. In those hours when I decide to give it my best, it is because there is no alternative to working to defeat amnesty.. It is the single most threatening issue of this era. In addition, conniving with the enemy is more self-destructive than continued resistance, however futile. Data after WWII on studies of French citizens showed that those who had participated in the resistance were better off emotionally than were collaborators, even though resistance workers as a group had had a lower survival rate, and the families of collaborators ate better.

So, assuming that Resistance is preferable, I do urge that the readers here should join NumbersUSA ( and participate fully. The pro-amnesty crowd says that it was the efforts of NumbersUSA which was most central in defeating amnesty in 2007, as well as during a later effort, and so NumbersUSA appears to provide the most effective means of exerting group pressure to defeat amnesty. [LA replies: This is absolutely true. The hundreds of thousands of calls to Congress during the 2007 debate was the key factor in defeating comprehensive immigration reform that year, which I called the Comprehensive National Suicide Act, the Black Death Act and various other monikers.] NumbersUSA, ALIPAC, CIS, and FAIR : all do very good work and each has a role in the effort to rescue our sorry nation. Unless you have truly quit the scene, this seems like a good time to try to remember that if we stand aside things can and will, in reality, get worse. Much worse.

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